Jason R. Blevins

Department of Economics
The Ohio State University
410 Arps Hall
1945 N High Street
Columbus, OH 43210
Phone: (614) 292-5588
Fax: (614) 292-3906
Office: 401 Arps Hall
Email: blevins.141@osu.edu
Homepage: http://jblevins.org/




Research Interests: Econometrics, Empirical Industrial Organization, and Applied Microeconomics.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  1. Blevins, J. R. and S. Khan (2013). Local NLLS Estimation of Semiparametric Binary Choice Models. Econometrics Journal 16, 135–160.
  2. Blevins, J. R. and S. Khan (2013). Distribution-Free Estimation of Heteroskedastic Binary Response Models in Stata. Stata Journal 13, 588–602.
  3. Blevins, J. R. (2014). Nonparametric Identification of Dynamic Decision Processes with Discrete and Continuous Choices. Quantitative Economics 5, 531–554.
  4. Blevins, J. R. (2015). Structural Estimation of Sequential Games of Complete Information. Economic Inquiry 53, 791–811.
  5. Blevins, J. R. (2015). Non-Standard Rates of Convergence of Criterion-Function-Based Set Estimators for Binary Response Models. Econometrics Journal 18, 172–199.
  6. Arcidiacono, P., P. Bayer, J. R. Blevins, and P. B. Ellickson (2016). Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Choice Models in Continuous Time with an Application to Retail Competition. Review of Economic Studies 83, 889–931.
  7. Blevins, J. R. (2016). Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Estimating Dynamic Microeconomic Models. Journal of Applied Econometrics 31, 773–804.
  8. Blevins, J. R. Identifying Restrictions for Finite Parameter Continuous Time Models with Discrete Time Data. Forthcoming at Econometric Theory.
  9. Blevins, J. R., A. Khwaja, and N. Yang. Firm Expansion, Size Spillovers and Market Dominance in Retail Chain Dynamics. Forthcoming at Management Science.

Working Papers

  1. Blevins, J. R. and G. T. Senney. Dynamic Selection and Distributional Bounds on Search Costs in Dynamic Unit-Demand Models. Revise and resubmit at Quantitative Economics.
  2. Blevins, J. R., W. Shi., D. R. Haurin, and S. Moulton. A Dynamic Model of Reverse Mortgage Borrower Behavior.
  3. Blevins, J. R. Identification and Estimation of Continuous Time Dynamic Games.
  4. Blevins, J. R. Partial Identification and Inference in Binary Choice and Duration Panel Data Models.

Work in Progress

  1. Blevins, J. R. and C. Ma. Learning by Doing in DRAM Production.
  2. Blevins, J. R. and A. Khwaja. Corporate Structure and Growth Strategies in the Retail Home Improvement Industry.

Other Publications

  1. Blevins, J. R. (2009). A Generic Linked List Implementation in Fortran 95. ACM Fortran Forum 28(3), 2–7.

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