Dot Grid Paper Templates

August 11, 2017

Dot Grid Paper Template in GoodNotes on iPad
Dot Grid Paper Template in GoodNotes on iPad

I use GoodNotes (iOS, macOS) for taking hand-written notes on my iPad. It has a variety of paper templates built-in—ruled, grid, Cornell, and so on—but I wanted to give dot grid paper a try. Rather than go out and buy a ream of it, I created several PDFs for 1/4" (quarter inch) dot grid paper that I can load into GoodNotes as templates (U.S. Letter size).

The result is on GitHub. The repository also contains the Python script and LaTeX package (.sty file) I used to generate them. The script generates individual LaTeX files (which in turn use the LaTeX package) for each of several specifications:

See the dot-grid-paper repository on GitHub for more details.