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This page is no longer being updated. My bookmarks are now hosted on Pinboard.
2015-06-07 jblevins links bookmarks
Royal Postal Rate Charts
Printable rate charts for Royal DS3 postal scale.
2013-08-05 business
Working in the Shed
Article on focus, writing, and productivity by Matt Gemmell. "We have limited time. Our workdays are only so long. Our evenings. Our lives. We spend too much of our time on trivia. Some distraction is healthy and necessary, but we all know that the scales have long since tipped."
2013-08-04 productivity writing mac osx
The Real Differences Between 16-Bit and 24-Bit Audio
"A song encoded at 320 kilobits/second is going to sound a whole lot better than a song with a 128kbps bitrate, right? Well, sure, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. Bitrate stems from two different elements: bit depth and sample rate. Here’s where we can understand the difference between 16-bit and 24-bit audio."
2013-07-31 audio
From a quality perspective, what is better: turning volume up in the software, in the OS, or on the speakers?
"Ideally, you should output audio from your computer at full volume, so as to get the highest resolution (bit depth) possible, and then have an analogue volume control as one of the last things in front of the speakers."
2013-07-29 audio
A Graphviz to LaTeX converter.
2013-07-18 latex dot graphviz diagrams
Mutt Gmail config with OS X keychain
Example showing how to use the OS X Keychain to store IMAP and SMTP passwords and configure Mutt without storing plain text passwords in the configuration file.
2013-07-12 mutt osx gmail smtp
A Really Good Article on How Easy it Is to Crack Passwords
Discussion of password cracking approaches and best practices to choose secure passwords, by Bruce Schneier.
2013-07-11 security privacy passwords
Clone an OS X system volume to a backup volume, making sure it is bootable.
2013-07-11 osx backup
Mac OS X bootable backup drive with rsync – Nicolas Gallagher
Maintain a bootable clone of an OS X system disk.
2013-07-11 backup osx
Daemon scripts for Debian GNU/Linux.
2013-07-09 btsync bittorrent sync
The Homely Mutt / Steve Losh
Extremely thorough guide to setting up mutt with offlineimap, search, sensible mailcap entries, integration with the OS X Address Book, etc.
2013-07-09 mutt osx
Using mutt on OS X
Incredibly detailed guide to using Mutt on Mac OS X.
2013-07-08 mutt osx
mutt and HTML email
Nice explanation of mutt's attachment viewing behavior with tips for mailcap configuration.
2013-07-08 mutt mailcap html
Sequel Pro
Fast, easy-to-use Mac database management application for working with MySQL databases.
2013-07-08 mysql
Pork Carnitas Recipe : Food Network
Slow-cooker carnitas recipe.
2013-07-08 recipes
Fast, simple RSS feed reader and synchronization backend with support from many apps.
2013-07-07 rss atom network
Google Webmasters Tools
Data, tools and diagnostics for a healthy, Google-friendly website.
2013-07-07 webdesign seo search
RockAuto Parts: 2000 Jeep Cherokee
Deep link into the RockAuto parts catalog for my Jeep.
2013-07-07 jeep auto
Aurora: Short introduction to LaTeX symbols and commands
LaTeX quick reference.
2013-07-07 latex reference
Build a Cheap Bitcoin Mine
Basic introduction to Bitcoin mining. Also contains frequently updated calculations of profitability of various common graphics cards.
2013-07-07 bitcoin mining - mining value calculations
Frequently updated calculations to determine whether it is more profitable to mine Bitcoins or vanity addresses.
2013-07-07 bitcoin
ASICMINER Hashrate Charts
ASICMINER hashrate, broken down by pool, network income share, dividends, etc.
2013-07-07 bitcoin asic
Frequent Flyer Bonuses | Delta SkyMiles - Bonus Mile Offers
Curated list of Delta SkyMiles promotions.
2013-07-07 delta skymiles
Consolidated Delta Promotions Thread
List of Delta SkyMiles promotions on the FlyerTalk Forum.
2013-07-07 delta skymiles travel
Ubuntu 11.10 - ATI driver re-install fail
Instructions for reinstalling ATI Catalyst drivers in Linux.
2013-07-07 linux bitcoin ati
How to set up permanent NFS mounts with Mountain Lion
Using directory services to configure permanent NFS shares in OS X Mountain Lion.
2013-07-07 osx nfs
Mountain Lion, NFS & AutoFS
Question about automatically mounting NFS shares in OS X Mountain Lion.
2013-07-07 osx nfs autofs
powered pci-e extenders are largely unnecessary
Bitcoin Forum post by mrb on powered PCIe riser cables. Highlights the particular importance of single or double spring pins in the PSU 24-pin plug.
2013-07-06 hardware pcie bitcoin
GUIDE - How to make your own PCIe extender with molex.
Instructions for converting a PCIe extension or riser cable into a powered cable.
2013-07-06 hardware pcie bitcoin
New Power Distribution to 4 x HD 5970
On the need for powered riser cables when running several graphics cards, by mrb.
2013-07-06 hardware pcie bitcoin
List of Confirmed Radeon HD 7xxx Series (10.8.3+)
Compiled list of known working Radeon 7900 series cards in OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 and later.
2013-07-06 osx hackintosh
NFS & Lion connection is not working
Manually mounting an NFS share in OS X Lion.
2013-07-06 osx nfs
Intel HD Graphics (0x00468086) QE/CI on Lenovo X201
Installing Mountain Lion on a Lenovo ThinkPad x201.
2013-07-06 osx laptop thinkpad hackintosh
Unofficial SkyMiles Calculator
Calculates how many SkyMiles are earned flying on Delta and its partners.
2013-07-06 delta skymiles travel
Find, use, and share financial, economic and social data.
2013-07-06 data research economics finance statistics
Bitcoin Vanity Mining
Instructions for configuring oclvanitygen to mine on the vanity mining pool.
2013-07-06 bitcoin
Posts by Satoshi
Posts on the Bitcoin Forum by Satoshi, the creator of Bitcoin.
2013-07-06 bitcoin
9 Awesome SSH Tricks
SSH configuration, master connections, short names, SSH agent, etc.
2013-07-05 ssh
NFS Manager
NFS Manager is a graphical user interface to control all built-in NFS features of Mac OS X.
2013-07-05 osx nfs
Special Files and Folders - Netatalk Wiki
Description of special files, such as .AppleDouble, .AppleDesktop, and .AppleDB, in the context of Netatalk.
2013-07-04 netatalk osx linux
Cocobolo by tie a tie
Nice, muted color palette.
2013-07-03 design
Keyboard shortcut to unhide or unminimize a window in OS X
When using Command-Tab, pressing the Option key while releasing Command will unhide the window.
2013-07-01 osx keyboard shortcut
"Command-Tab is great…if you only ever have one window open in each of your applications. With more than one window, though, it's a hassle to find the one you want. Witch solves that problem by taking you directly to the window you want to reach."
2013-07-01 osx productivity
Instant Server
Click the button to get a virtual private server. The server is destroyed after 35 minutes (unless you pay to keep it running).
2013-06-27 hosting linux admin
Font Awesome
Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized — size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done with the power of CSS.
2013-06-20 icons design
iOS Icons (Version 2) by Louie Mantia
iOS 7 icons re-imagined by Louie Mantia. "While I don't employ the grid they created (and while I instead use the colors I chose), these feel interesting and balanced. Vibrant and bold, but not overbearing."
2013-06-20 ios icons design
A CSS refactoring tool by Tom Genoni, written in Python.
2013-06-17 css webdesign python
How to create a password-protected (encrypted) disk image
An encrypted disk image works just like a regular disk image but requires a password to open and mount.
2013-06-13 osx security privacy encryption
A lightweight application firewall for Mac OS X that protects you from incoming and outgoing connections to your computer.
2013-06-11 security privacy mac
Radio Silence
A tiny firewall that lets you block any application from accessing the internet.
2013-06-11 security privacy mac
Little Snitch
Intercepts outgoing internet connections and asks you how to proceed.
2013-06-11 security privacy mac
Whitepixel breaks 28.6 billion password/sec - Zorinaq
Some motherboards require pins A1 and B17 to be shorted for a 16x card to work in a 1x slot.
2013-06-09 bitcoin pcie
Codebook is a secure notebook for for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that protects your sensitive information with 256-bit AES encryption.
2013-06-06 notes ios encryption privacy
eXtreme Power Supply Calculator
Recommended power supply wattage calculator with a large database of components.
2013-06-03 computing custom components
Bitcoin Mining Profit Calculator
Bitcoin mining profitibility calculator with realistic projections of future difficulty.
2013-05-29 bitcoin mining
The Sweethome
A list of recommended products for your home.
2013-05-29 home consumption
The Fortran webLOGger.
2013-05-27 fortran cgi web
An open source, self hosted DIY bitcoin wallet service you can run on your own server.
2013-05-24 bitcoin server wallet
Donald Rumsfeld's Rules for Successful Meetings
The default tendency in any bureaucracy, especially in government, is to substitute discussion for decision-making.
2013-05-14 bureaucracy opinion wsj
What are the best programming fonts?
A list of fonts for programming.
2013-04-30 fonts
Mastering Emacs
A blog about advanced Emacs usage.
2013-02-23 emacs blog
Markup for authors and editors to track changes to documents in plain text.
2013-02-18 criticmarkup markdown
A minor mode for CriticMarkup (cm-mode) for Emacs by Joost Kremers.
2013-02-18 criticmarkup emacs
Ken Silverman's Utilities
Mac and Linux ports of pngout.
2013-02-13 optimization web png
multiple deft #emacs
A wrapper for generating multiple Deft instances for different directories.
2013-01-23 deft emacs
The Homely Mutt
An amazingly detailed guide to setting up Mutt and OfflineIMAP on OS X to interface with Gmail, by Steve Losh.
2013-01-17 mutt osx gmail imap
Create TextExpander Group download URL
TextExpander snippets with customizable prefixes.
2013-01-15 textexpander
Emacs packages
A minor mode for Emacs, written by Julien Danjou, which displays strings representing colors with the color they represent as background.
2013-01-10 emacs color
Color Theming in Emacs: Reloaded
Emacs 24 finally introduced a new standard way of dealing with color themes (based on Emacs's built-in customize facility).
2013-01-10 emacs color theme
A sixteen color palette (eight monotones, eight accent colors) designed for use with terminal and gui applications, designed by Ethan Schoonover.
2013-01-10 color theme emacs iterm2
Dror Bar-Natan: AcademicPensieve
Raw research notes, blackboard photos, and computer programs by Dror Bar-Natan.
2013-01-05 academia notes
Advanced screen dimming utility for Mac OS X to preserve your dark adapted eyes, so you can work in a dark environment.
2012-12-15 osx night
Batch rename on Mac OS X Lion
Batch renaming of files with
2012-12-13 osx rename automator
X Lossless Decoder
Lossless audio decoder for Mac OS X, able to decode, convert, and play many formats.
2012-12-09 alac flac music osx
Change a user's User ID on Mac OS X
How to change a user's uid in Mac OS X, being sure to change permissions of all relevant files in the home directory and elsewhere.
2012-12-07 osx
Creating FreeDOS USB boot stick for BIOS flashing
A Windows package for creating a FreeDOS bootable USB stick, useful for flashing motherboard BIOS, etc.
2012-12-07 freedos usb bootable bios flash
Standards compliant, fast, secure markdown processing library in C.
2012-12-07 markdown c
A native Mac OS X application for three popular read later services: Instapaper, Pocket and Readability.
2012-12-06 osx instapaper readability
Fortran 90
Fortran best practices, Python interoperability, frequently asked questions, etc.
2012-12-06 fortran scicomp python
Readability, Markdownify for clipping web pages
Script by Brett Terpstra for converting articles to Markdown and storing them offline.
2012-12-02 readability markdown archive
Vanishing Spirits – The Dried Remains of Single Malt Scotch
A series of photos by Ernie Button of single-malt Scotch residue, with colored lighting, each of which yields a different pattern.
2012-11-28 photography whiskey scotch
howto/InstallingOlderPort – MacPorts
How to install an older version of a port.
2012-11-24 macports osx
iPad 3 Retina Wallpaper
Really nice, geometric, high-resolution iPad wallpaper by Simon C. Page.
2012-11-11 ipad wallpaper graphics
An Introduction to Mata
A very nice overview of the Mata language in Stata.
2012-11-04 mata stata programming
Jay-Z's 99 Problems, Verse 2
A Close Reading with Fourth Amendment Guidance for Cops and Perps.
2012-10-26 law music
Application for creating, designing, editing and browsing SQLite 3 database files.
2012-10-26 sqlite database osx
Journal List
Economics journal rankings by the Tinbergen Institute.
2012-10-06 economics academia
Hoban Letterpress
Beautiful letterpress printing by Evan Calkins.
2012-10-06 stationary
The Markdown Mindset
Hilton Lipschitz on switching to Markdown for all of his writing.
2012-10-06 markdown
Announcing Source Code Pro
Monospaced OpenType fonts designed for programming, complementary to the Source Sans family.
2012-09-27 font monospace
Art for your desktop: curated wallpapers from leading photographers, designers, and illustrators.
2012-09-23 wallpaper
National Yellow Pages Consumer Choice and Opt-Out Site
Stop delivery of physical telephone books.
2012-09-10 recycling junk opt-out
An Introduction to Mata
A guide to the Mata language from basics to the optimize() framework.
2012-06-04 stata mata statistics programming
Beer distribution map and choice set comparison tool.
2012-05-21 beer
When is the OLS estimator BLU?
Dave Giles highlights a lesser known necessary and sufficient condition for OLS to be efficient, with some nice examples.
2012-05-19 econometrics ols
In Noisy Digital Era, 'Elegant' Internet Still Thrives
A story on NPR about SDF.
2012-05-16 sdf
Who Is the Entrepreneur: John Justice (on Teamwork) interview with J.J. of Cafe Brioso.
2012-05-08 coffee columbus
A sans serif font by Christo­pher Miller.
2012-04-29 design font typeface
iPhone and iPad text/code editors and writing tools compared.
2012-04-17 ios text editor
CV Foundry
Professional, stylish resume design made simple.
2012-04-16 cv resume pdf latex
A simple API that allows people to ask which city and state are associated with a zip code.
2012-04-10 web api
Advice on Writing Proposals - Particularly to NSF
Helpful advice on structuring proposals, especially NSF grants.
2012-04-09 research
How to Read a File Line by Line in a Shell Script
Five methods for reading and processing files line by line in bash.
2012-03-29 bash
9 Tips to Use Apachectl and Httpd like a Power User
Tips for using apachectl and httpd to their maximum potential.
2012-03-27 apache sysadmin
MySQL — How much memory do I need?
Upload your configuration to see how much memory MySQL needs. This tool calculates the theoretical peak memory usage which does not necessarily reflect real life usage of your database.
2012-03-26 mysql
Adobe Garamond and math symbols in LaTeX
LaTeX math font package created to pair well with Adobe Garamond.
2012-03-23 latex fonts garamond
PyMOTW: multiprocessing, part 2
Article on communication between processes with the Python multiprocessing module by Doug Hellmann.
2012-03-23 python parallel
Python in Science: Usage pattern for multiprocessing
An example of Python's multiprocessing module to call a potentially long-running job with a callback function.
2012-03-23 python scicomp
PyMOTW: multiprocessing, part 1
An article on the basics of multiprocessing in Python, by Doug Hellmann.
2012-03-23 python parallel
Oxy Theme for Munin
An iPad compatible theme for Munin.
2012-03-22 munin ipad
Munin Graphs for Phusion Passenger (a.k.a. mod_rails)
Munin plugins to show status and memory usage for the Apace Phusion Passenger module.
2012-03-22 passenger rails munin
Unobtrusive JavaScript inline image zooming.
2012-03-22 javascript web
Web micro-framework BATTLE!
A detailed comparison of several Python web micro-frameworks.
2012-03-22 python web
A BSD-licensed web microframework for Python.
2012-03-20 python web
Choosing a message queue for Python on Ubuntu on a VPS
A survey of several message queue systems with Python interfaces. Includes RabbitMQ, Gearman, Beanstalkd, and Redis.
2012-03-13 python queue gearman
Cross-platform file locking support in Python
A short module for implementing lock files in Python.
2012-03-12 python
Gentleface Toolbar Icon Set
Free wireframe toolbar icons for GUI designers.
2012-03-12 icons webdesign
Iconic Icon Set
An open source icon set consisting of 171 marks in raster, vector, and font formats.
2012-03-12 icons webdesign
Precompiled Preamble for LaTeX
Precompile long preambles to save time during LaTeX compilation.
2012-03-11 latex
SQLite Optimization FAQ
Speed-optimizing an application that uses the SQLite library.
2012-03-07 sqlite database
EB Garamond
An open source Garamond-inspired font.
2012-03-05 fonts garamond
Pagination With WebPy
Pagination tutorial for
2012-03-05 pagination
Instant Domain Search
Get domain name search results instantly as you type.
2012-03-04 dns domain endeavours to be a functional port of SmartyPants to Python, for use with Pyblosxom.
2012-03-04 smartypants typography python
TeX line breaking algorithm in JavaScript
An implementation of the Knuth and Plass line breaking algorithm using JavaScript and the HTML5 canvas element by Bram Stein.
2012-03-04 tex latex javascript hyphenation justification
The Business of Bookmarking
Text version of a talk given by Maciej Cegłowski of at Personal Digital Archiving 2012 on Feb 24, 2012.
2012-02-27 pinboard
Linux and NetBSD Xen VPS hosting.
2012-02-27 hosting vps linux xen
HTTP Authentication with HTML Forms
Guide to combining HTTP authentication with HTML forms using Javascript.
2012-02-27 http authentication security javascript
Authentication module for 0.3
Module allows you to limit access to pages based, generate and manage password hashes, authenticate a user, generate and validate tokens for passwords resets. It also includes default pages to login, generate a password-reset token, email the token and set a new password after the token is validated.
2012-02-26 authentication
An example of configuring under Debian/Ubuntu. The example covers templating and forms, databases, session management, user authentication, REST, and user account management.
webpy: How to serve JSON
Stack Overflow question about how serving JSON using by converting a Python dictionary to JSON.
2012-02-26 python json
Getting RESTful with
One of the nice aspects of is that it exposes methods for the basic HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc.) and uses these methods to process each request from the client. This approach makes it amazingly easy to write a RESTful API.
2012-02-25 rest
Web App with jQuery, CoffeeScript, Ajax, and Heroku
Example creates a web page which communicates with the server (written in sending a JSON request object and receiving a JSON object as a response, which it uses to dynamically update the page.
2012-02-24 python jquery ajax
An editor for creation of text structure and content. Books, articles and blog posts written once in Texts can be processed and published in many formats.
2012-02-24 text markdown latex
Distributed Memory Coarray Fortran with the Intel Fortran Compiler for Linux
Guide to using the Coarray Fortran (CAF) feature of the Intel Fortran Composer XE 2011 for Linux on a distributed memory cluster.
2012-02-24 coarrays fortran intel
Total Returns vs Price Returns
Comparison tool for calculating and plotting total returns and price returns.
2012-02-24 finance etf
Price of fame: Stick a pin in it - The Economist
Mr Cegłowski runs Pinboard, a paid social-bookmarking service which allows subscribers to store web links with annotations and share them with others.
2012-02-23 pinboard
Caching RSS Feeds With feedcache
By Doug Hellmann. Originally published in Python Magazine Volume 1 Issue 11, November, 2007.
2012-02-23 rss atom python
iTunes Link Maker
Create links for the iTunes Store, the App Store, the iBookstore, and the Mac App Store.
2012-02-23 itunes app mac ios osx
Objective-C framework for downloading and parsing RSS and Atom web feeds.
2012-02-23 rss atom objective-c
Entrepreneurs Who Go it Alone—By Choice
An article on Marco Arment of Instapaper and Maciej Ceglowski of Pinboard.
2012-02-22 web
Bidirectional real-time sync of large file tree between two distant linux servers
Discussion of various sync tools such as lsyncd combined with either rsync or csync2.
2012-02-22 sync cluster rsync csync2 lsyncd lipsync
Lightning fast synchronization with csync2 and lsyncd
Detailed description of a lsyncd+csync2 solution for synchronizing files between multiple machines.
2012-02-22 lsyncd csync2 sync cluster
Csync2 is a cluster synchronization tool that can be used to keep files on multiple hosts in a cluster in sync.
2012-02-22 sync cluster
Details of two-way sync between two Ubuntu machines
Using lsyncd with Unision to synchronize files between two machines.
2012-02-22 lsyncd unison sync
Near Realtime File Replication With Lsyncd
Detailed configuration instructions to get lsyncd working with rsync for filesystem-event-driven file synchronization.
2012-02-22 lsyncd rsync sync
lsyncd - Live Syncing Daemon
Lsyncd watches a local directory tree, aggregates and combines events, and then spawns one or more processes to synchronize the changes (rsync by default).
2012-02-22 rsync sync backup
MPI - Fortran 90 Examples
A brief overview of MPI with example programs.
2012-02-14 mpi fortran
Message Passing Interface (MPI)
Overview of the Message Passing Interface Standard (MPI) along with an API reference and examples.
2012-02-14 mpi
SSHFS on Mac OS X 10.6.8 and 10.7.2 with Fuse4X
Using sshfs on Mac OS X.
2012-02-13 sshfs fuse osx automount
Setting up a Beowulf Cluster Using Open MPI on Linux
Quick guide to cluster computing using Debian GNU/Linux and Open MPI.
2012-02-12 openmpi linux beowulf cluster
LaTeX handwritten symbol recognition.
2012-02-06 latex
TRIM Enabler for Lion
Kernel extension patch for OS X Lion to enable TRIM on third-party SSDs.
2012-02-03 osx ssd
PDF reader and note-taker for OS X designed for reading and annotating scientific papers in PDF format.
2012-01-31 pdf osx annotation
The Always Up-to-Date Guide to Building a Hackintosh
Guide to purchasing compatible parts, building your machine, and installing OS X.
2012-01-28 osx mac pc hackintosh
Simple way of accessing a CardDAV resource, mainly for use with mutt's query_command.
2012-01-26 carddav mutt python
Build a Netatalk Time Capsule for OS X Lion 10.7 using Debian 6.0 Squeeze
Guide to using Netatalk to turn a Linux server into a "Time Capsule" for backing up a Mac running OS X Lion.
2012-01-19 debian linux osx
Econometrics Jobs
Selection of advertisements for econometrics jobs around the world.
2012-01-19 econometrics
Command line id3 2.4 tagging in Linux
Review of command-line id3 tag editors for Linux.
2012-01-15 mp3 linux
A read-only filesystem which transcodes audio formats (currently FLAC) to MP3 on the fly when opened and read.
2012-01-15 music mp3 flac
Historical price tracker for Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, etc.
2012-01-11 shopping prices
The Wirecutter
Collection of the best technology products in several categories.
2012-01-11 technology
Shell script for converting FLAC files to MP3 while preserving tags.
2012-01-04 mp3 flac music audio
A filesystem snapshot utility for making backups of local and remote systems.
2012-01-03 backup rsync linux
MacRumors Buyer's Guide
Recommendations regarding Apple product cycles.
2012-01-03 apple shopping
Darts, Dice, and Coins
An algorithm for sampling from a discrete distribution.
2011-12-28 probability
The Beeronomics Society
International association for the economics of beer and brewing.
2011-10-22 economics beer
Nobel Laureates in Economics, Uneasy With Labels
Thomas Sargent and Christopher Sims respond to their Nobel prize.
2011-10-16 economics
Jobs: A Vision of American Entrepreneurship
Tim Bresnahan on Steve Jobs.
2011-10-11 steve-jobs apple technology
How to create and apply a patch with Git
Steps to create patches using git format-patch and to apply such patches with git am.
2011-09-20 git
Econometrics Beat
Weblog of Dave Giles.
2011-09-20 econometrics blog
Modern Fortran
An introduction to modern Fortran programming: wiki documentation and source code.
2011-09-20 fortran
Beautiful weather graphs and maps with forecasts and historical data.
2011-09-20 weather
Selection bias and bombers
During WWII, statistician Abraham Wald was asked to help the British decide where to add armor to their bombers. After analyzing the records, he recommended adding more armor to the places where there was no damage!
2011-09-20 statistics econometrics
The Importance of Selection Effects
During WWII, statistician Abraham Wald was asked to help the British decide where to add armor to their bombers. After analyzing the records, he recommended adding more armor to the places where there was no damage!
2011-09-20 statistics econometrics
Quantifying history: Two thousand years in one chart
An alternative timeline for the past two millennia.
2011-09-11 economics history
Hack the OS X Dock to make it less ugly
Five-step guide to making the Leopard Dock more usable.
2011-09-04 osx
Tango Themed OS X Terminal
A preconfigured Tango theme for
2011-09-02 osx terminal tango
Best Procrastination Tip Ever
Think of the one most important thing you have to do and get started in it, even if only for 30 seconds. As urges to switch tasks occur, be mindful of them and let them pass.
2011-08-30 productivity
jtnimoy - Tron Legacy (2010)
Among other things, the story of how Emacs made it into a major motion picture.
2011-08-23 emacs
All About Floats
A thorough tutorial on CSS positioning using the float property.
2011-08-22 css design
Low cost scan by mail service.
2011-08-21 reading scan pdf
CSS3 Generator
Interactive tool for generating CSS styles.
2011-08-20 css html
Emacs Speaks Statistics Tutorial
Materials, handouts, Manuals and reference cards.
2011-08-18 emacs
Introduction to Modern Fortran
Basic introduction to modern Fortran, not including obsolete features, more advanced aspects, or most of the extensions introduced by Fortran 2003.
2011-08-16 fortran
mma.el - emacs mode for Mathematica package files
A major programming mode for GNU Emacs and XEmacs for writing Mathematica package files (.m-files).
2011-08-16 emacs mathematica
Fast, multi-threaded malloc() and nifty performance analysis tools.
2011-08-15 scicomp programming performance
Research, backtesting, and analysis tools for ETF investing.
2011-08-12 finance
Treatise on Font Rasterisation
The purpose of this article is threefold: firstly, to provide an introduction into the various methods available to aid in the rasterisation process; secondly, to provide a critical analysis of these methods against the needs of desktop applications; and finally, to relate this analysis to free software.
2011-08-10 fonts
Diagnosing font issues on Linux
An overview of what can go wrong with fonts in Google Chrome on a Linux system, how to diagnose the problems, and how to fix them.
2011-08-10 fonts linux chrome
xkcd: Password Strength
Through 20 years of effort, we've successfully trained everyone to use passwords that are hard for humans to remember, but easy for computers to guess.
2011-08-10 xkcd privacy security
Short domain name search.
2011-08-08 domain
An iOS Developer Takes on Android
A comparison of the development environments with side-by-side code com­parisons and discussion of fragmentation.
2011-08-02 android iOS apple
A slick web application for generating color themes.
2011-07-31 design
Something is Definitely Wrong Here
KAL's Cartoon, July 30, 2011.
2011-07-30 economics
Cocktail Party Economics
Book by Evie Adomait and Richard Maranta.
2011-07-30 economics
Personal music streaming server with on-the-fly downsampling and conversion and many clients for Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS.
2011-07-27 music
Seven Productivity Tips For People That Hate GTD
Simple tips for being more prolific.
2011-07-26 productivity gtd
The Chart That Should Accompany All Discussions of the Debt Ceiling
"It demonstrates the utter incoherence of being very concerned about a structural federal deficit but ruling out of consideration the policy that was largest single contributor to that deficit, namely the Bush-era tax cuts."
2011-07-25 economics politics
How Does Google Protect Your Data in The Cloud?
How does Google keep the data centers that comprise its cloud so safe and are they the gold standard in data protection?
2011-07-22 google privacy security
Helps you find streaming movies and TV to watch instantly on Netflix.
2011-07-21 netflix
Thousands of scientific papers uploaded to the Pirate Bay
A user just made available a torrent with 18,592 scientific publications in protest to the indictment of Aaron Swartz for data theft as well as the scientific publishing model in general.
2011-07-21 academia
Google Scholar Citations
Today we're introducing Google Scholar Citations: a simple way for you to compute your citation metrics and track them over time.
2011-07-21 google research
28 iPad 2 Tips and Tricks
Tips for using the iPad 2 more productively.
2011-07-19 ipad
Activate your brand new iPad without iTunes
This article will explain how to activate a brand new iPad without the help of iTunes.
2011-07-19 ipad linux apple
I'm a technical lead on the Google+ team. Ask me anything.
Joseph Smarr answers questions about Google+.
2011-07-18 google
Universal Password Manager
Stores usernames, passwords, URLs and generic notes in an encrypted database protected by one master password. Java client and Android app available.
2011-07-18 privacy android
A command-line todo list manager.
2011-07-16 gtd linux
Google Web Fonts
Hundreds of free, open-source fonts optimized for the web.
2011-07-14 fonts design
Edward Tufte’s “Slopegraphs”
Article by Charlie Park on slopegraphs.
2011-07-12 infovis
How to Program a Keyless Entry for a Jeep
Instructions for programming Jeep key fobs, no special tools required.
2011-07-12 jeep
FORTRAN: The Pioneering Programming Language
An IBM article on the history of Fortran.
2011-07-10 fortran
Tool to identify the font used in an image file.
2011-07-07 fonts design
2011 Meetings of the Midwest Econometrics Group
October 6-7, Booth of School of Business, Chicago, IL.
2011-07-06 econometrics conference
Midwest Econometrics Group
Econometric theory and methods. Past, current, and future conferences and mailing list information.
2011-07-06 econometrics conference
Differential Evolution
Stochastic algorithm for optimizing real-valued functions of many variables.
2011-07-06 optimization scicomp
Polyglot is a computer program in eight languages.
2011-07-04 programming
Numerical Methods of Statistics
Fortran 95, R, and SAS code to accompany the book by John F. Monahan, Cambridge University Press, Second Edition, 2011.
2011-07-04 scicomp statistics fortran r
Introduction to Modern Fortran
Course on modern Fortran by Nick Maclaren of Cambridge University Computing Service.
2011-06-30 fortran course
The Data Liberation Front
An engineering team at Google whose goal is to make it easier for users to move their data in and out of Google products.
2011-06-30 google privacy
A lightweight service that provides command-line, Dropbox like syncing.
2011-06-15 synchronization
Short introduction to LaTeX symbols and commands
A concise collection of common LaTeX symbols.
2011-06-07 latex
You and Your Research
Talk by Richard Hamming.
2011-06-07 research
Markdoc is a lightweight Markdown-based wiki system.
2011-06-07 markdown weblog
Clamz is a command-line program to download MP3 files from's music store.
2011-03-28 amazon mp3 linux
College staffs fear Kasich's budget will overload them
Gov. John Kasich's proposal to require professors to teach more classes at Ohio's public colleges would overwhelm already busy instructors and hurt students, some say.
2011-03-22 columbus ohio politics
Jeep TJ/YJ Pinion Seal Replacement
Step by step instructions for replacing pinion seal, with pictures.
2011-03-21 jeep automotive
Major service items
Common Jeep maintenance with photos.
2011-03-18 jeep automotive
Check Engine Light Codes: Honda 1990-1995 OBD1 Code Retrieval
A list of Honda ODB1 codes with instructions on how to jump the diagnostic connector to retrieve the codes.
2011-03-15 honda automotive
How to Replace a 1993 Honda Civic Timing Belt
Honda recommends that the timing belt be replaced every 90,000 miles on the 1993 Civic.
2011-03-14 honda civic automotive
Jeep Maintenance
Articles on replacing spark plugs, serpentine belts, fluid types and capacities, etc.
2011-03-13 automotive jeep
PDF optimizer for Kindle2/DX.
2011-02-17 kindle pdf
SoyWiki turns Vim into a powerful, lean, and fast wiki.
2011-02-16 vi wiki
Kindle book sharing.
2011-02-16 kindle books
Exploring the Simplenote API
A simple Python script which gathers and prints out information for all the notes on the Simplenote server.
2011-02-15 simplenote python script
Watch for changes in your Simplenote account and trigger user-defined actions based on the changes.
2011-02-15 simplenote perl script
Dave Barker - tutorial + sqlite
How to use SQLite in place of MySQL in the tutorial.
2011-02-14 python web
A monospace programming font.
2011-02-09 font linux
Linux-based tool to chop PDFs into multiple pages
Using Ghostscript and pdftk to split an image-based PDF file with two actual pages on each landscape PDF page.
2011-02-01 pdf linux
Fortran 95 GTK+ interface modules.
2011-01-28 fortran gtk
Free and paid ebooks for many platforms.
2011-01-27 ebooks android kindle
Debian Squeeze on a ThinkPad X201
The goal here is to have a working ThinkVantage button to access the Lenovo Rescue and Recovery partition, as well as a fully functional Windows 7 and Debian Squeeze dual-boot.
2011-01-17 debian linux thinkpad
Leopold Bros.
A family owned and operated small batch distillery located in Denver, Colorado.
2011-01-15 whiskey denver
Anscombe's quartet
Four very different datasets with identical statistical properties.
2011-01-05 statistics data
Reading PDFs on portables
Ways to make PDF files more readable on ebook readers.
2011-01-01 ebooks pdf
Pronounceable Passwords
Online pronounceable password generator and home of passgen, a program for Linux.
2010-12-29 security linux
Putin Orders Russian Move to GNU/Linux
Putin signs a plan to transition the government to free software.
2010-12-29 linux
Online Mathematics Textbooks
Links to online mathematics books by Georgia Tech.
2010-12-27 mathematics ebooks
E-book management and conversion software for Linux.
2010-12-26 ebook linux
What is Traitorware?
An article by the Electronic Frontier Foundation on software and devices that betray your privacy.
2010-12-24 privacy
Google's ChromeOS means losing control of data, warns GNU founder Richard Stallman
An article in the Guardian in which Richard Stallman warns that the new cloud computing OS released by Google is a plan to push people into "careless computing."
2010-12-23 stallman google privacy security
MUESLI: a free numerical and graphical library
A free numerical and graphical library, written mainly in Fortran 95.
2010-12-20 fortran graphics scicomp
EGGX / ProCALL X11 Graphics Library
An X11 graphics library for C and Fortran created to achieve extreme simplicity.
2010-12-20 fortran c graphics
Antisocial bookmarking.
2010-12-20 web bookmarks
Get Rich Slowly
Weblog devoted to "sensible personal finance."
2010-12-20 finance
20 Financial Milestones You Want to Reach in Your 20's
A list of 20 financial milestones to reach by the time you turn thirty.
2010-12-20 finance
Freedom Box Project
A Debian based platform for distributed applications.
2010-12-19 debian cloud web
Google URL Shortener
Google URL shortener with analytics and history.
2010-12-19 google web url
The Billion Prices Project
Collects prices from hundreds of online retailers around the world on a daily basis to conduct economic research.
2010-12-18 economics inflation prices
Good and Bad Procrastination
An essay by Paul Graham on three variants of procrastination.
2010-12-18 procrastination productivity
Typograph - Scale & Rhythm
A tool and essay designed to explore the relationships between scale and rhythm in web typography.
2010-12-18 typography webdesign
NPR Road Trip
Generates driving directions with nearby NPR stations along the route.
2010-12-08 npr travel
Quick setup for Exim4 TLS/SMTP-AUTH
Tutorial on configuring exim4 to support TLS and SMTP AUTH on Debian GNU/Linux.
2010-12-07 debian exim4 linux
Adrian Smith's Blog
Author of Universal Password Manager.
2010-12-03 weblog
Handling Fortran90 modules for multiple compilers
On approaches for creating Linux packages for Fortran modules.
2010-12-02 linux fortran
Folding bluetooth keyboard.
2010-12-02 keyboard consumption products
WebDAV on Apache2
A tutorial on setting up WebDAV under Apache.
2010-11-30 debian linux webdav apache
Debian Lenny - Apache, SSL and Virtual Hosts
A tutorial on creating a self-signed certificate and configuring Apache to use SSL.
2010-11-30 debian linux apache ssl
Mini Pork Rack with Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans

2010-10-24 food recipes
Journal of Econometric Methods
Journal aims to bridge the gap between econometric research and empirical practice by publishing theoretical and applied papers with direct relevance to empirical work in economics.
2010-10-14 journal economics econometrics
Economics E-Journal
An open-access open-assessment journal in economics.
2010-10-14 economics journal peer-review
Announcing the first release of Fwrap
The the first release of Fwrap, a utility for wrapping Fortran code in C, Cython and Python.
2010-08-07 fortran python c
Ill-conditioned Bases and Numerical Instability
A blog entry by Paul Rubin on ill-conditioned matrices and matrix inversion.
2010-08-07 scicomp numerical-analysis
The New C: Inline Functions
An article by Randy Meyers in Dr. Dobb's on inline functions in C99
2010-08-02 c c99 inline
Partner In Time: Retirement Funds You Can Age With
An NPR article on target-date funds.
2010-07-22 investing retirement
Coding Conventions for C
By Michael Safyan.
2010-07-22 c programming
Café Brioso
Downtown cafe in Columbus, Ohio.
2010-07-20 coffee cafe columbus
Superior Home Maintenance
Home maintenance services in Columbus, Ohio.
2010-07-20 home columbus
David Blackwell, Scholar of Probability, Dies at 91
Obituary by The New York Times. July 16, 2010.
2010-07-20 nytimes obituary probability news
Capital City Awning
Residental and commercial canvas products in Columbus, Ohio.
2010-07-20 home columbus
Columbus Alive
Columbus, Ohio nightlife, arts, entertainment and dining guide.
2010-06-26 columbus
HOWTO: Disk encryption with dm-crypt
A guide to setting up an encrypted partition with LUKS and Debian by Uwe Hermann.
2010-06-21 linux security privacy encryption
Amazing Shaving
Men's shaving products and shaving gifts.
2010-06-16 shaving
Traditional grooming products for today's gentlemen.
2010-06-16 shaving
Learn How to Shave Like Your Grandpa
On classic wet shaving with a double edged safety razor.
2010-06-16 shaving grooming
September 11 Television Archive
A collection of television news programs recorded live from September 11, 2001 hosted by the Internet Archive.
2010-06-15 news history video
Catalog Choice
Control the catalogs you receive in the mail.
2010-06-13 mail
Restaurant and bar in the German Village neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio.
2010-06-12 restaurant german-village
About author rights
Steps to prevent your work from disappearing behind a subscription wall from The RePEc Blog.
2010-06-12 copyright writing academia
Airfare, hotels, vacations, and cruises.
2010-06-12 travel
Wiki for the Mutt mail user agent.
2010-06-12 mutt email
Upholstery and fine furnishings.
2010-06-12 furniture columbus
German Village Society
German Village news, events, and preservation with information for visitors and residents.
2010-06-12 german-village columbus
German Village Gazette
German Village news from
2010-06-12 news columbus german-village
Is It Better to Buy or Rent?
An online interactive calculator created by the The New York Times.
2010-06-12 finance nytimes
Intel(R) Math Kernel Library Reference Manual
Complete online reference manual for the Intel MKL.
2010-06-12 intel math scientific-computing fortran c
Avoid Moving Day Rip-offs
An excerpt from Consumer Reports Money Adviser, March 2005.
2010-06-12 moving
Names for Large Numbers
From How Many? A Dictionary of Units of Measurement by Russ Rowlett.
2010-06-12 math
Open Directory Project: Economics
An edited directory of Economics links.
2010-06-11 economics
US News and World Report Rankings - Economics
Top economics departments in the United States.
2010-06-11 economics academia
NBER Working Papers
The working paper archive of the National Bureau of Economic Research.
2010-06-11 nber research economics
Software Carpentry
Lectures on software development practices for scientists and engineers.
2010-06-11 scientific-computing
A place for mathematicians to ask and answer questions.
2010-06-11 math
Econometric Links
Econometric Links of the Econometrics Journal.
2010-06-10 econometrics economics
The League of Moveable Type
A collection of open source fonts.
2010-06-09 fonts design
Vector Signal Image Processing Library
A signal-processing library developed by embedded signal and image processing hardware and software vendors, academia, application developers, and government labs.
2010-05-31 c scientific-computing
Object-Oriented Programming With ANSI-C
By Axel-Tobias Schreiner.
2010-05-31 c programming
A tagged collection of useful command line snippets.
2010-05-28 shell unix
A monospace font, designed for code listings and the like, in print.
2010-05-28 font monospace programming
Putnam White Lewis Insurance Agency
An independent agency in Columbus, Ohio representing the Erie Insurance Group.
2010-05-28 insurance home columbus
HP Z600 Workstation Review - SlashGear
HP's mid-range dual processor Xeon workstation.
2010-05-22 hp hardware workstation
A Piece of Internet History
Duke to shut Usenet server, home to the first electronic newsgroups.
2010-05-21 usenet duke
Open Source Club at Ohio State University
A registered student organization whose members share a common interest in open source software.
2010-05-21 ohio-state open-source linux
SDF-Specific Commands
A list of commands for use on the SDF Public Access UNIX System.
2010-05-21 sdf unix
Secure Deletion of Data from Magnetic and Solid-State Memory
This paper covers some of the methods available to recover erased data and presents schemes to make this recovery significantly more difficult.
2010-05-14 security privacy storage
Garage 'A Records
Internet sales of turntables, needles, cartridges, etc.
2010-05-14 records music audio
NPR Road Trip
A free service for locating National Public Radio (NPR) stations along any driving route in America.
2010-05-14 npr radio travel
Journal Abbreviation List
Journal of Economic Literature journal abbreviation list.
2010-05-12 journals
Welcome to Citizendium - Citizendium
Citizendium, a "citizens' compendium of everything", is an open wiki project dedicated to creating a free, comprehensive, and reliable repository of structured knowledge.
2010-05-12 wiki encyclopedia
An ancient rejection letter
By Mattias K. Polborn.
2010-05-09 academia journals publishing
Numerical methods
A collection of links to centers, libraries, etc.
2010-05-01 scientific-computing numerical-methods
How to Use the restrict Qualifier in C
Using the restrict qualifier appropriately in C programs may allow the compiler to produce significantly faster executables.
2010-04-29 c c99 restrict
Using Linear Algebra Packages on Linux
Explains how to use BLAS and LAPACK in C programs.
2010-04-29 linux lapack blas fortran c
Challanges of Implementing the ISO Standard...
A comp.lang.fortran discussion on FORALL, the difficulty in implementing it and its efficiency.
2010-04-27 fortran compiler
PETSc: Home Page
A library for parallel (MPI) solution of partial differential equations.
2010-04-27 c fortran scientific-computing pde
Walking Randomly » Should Fortran be taught to Undergraduates?
A weblog post exploring the present and future of Fortran.
2010-04-26 fortran python scientific-computing
Freely Distributable libm.
2010-04-24 c library scientific-computing
Recursive Make Considered Harmful
A paper by Peter Miller which explores a number of problems regarding the use of recursive make.
2010-04-24 make unix development
Freely Available Software for Linear Algebra on the Web
A list by Jack Dongarra which focuses on high-performance, open-source software for numerical linear algebra, specifically dense, sparse direct and iterative systems and sparse iterative eigenvalue problems.
2010-04-23 scientific-computing linear-algebra fortran c
The Secret of Great Bread - Let Time Do the Work
Jim Lahey’s bread needs little yeast and no kneading.
2010-04-23 recipes baking bread
Are you Ready For C99? ||
A summary of new features in C99.
2010-04-22 c
The case against C
Why C is not a good numerical language.
2010-04-18 fortran c scientific-computing
Douglas McKee: C tips for economists
Useful practices for C programming.
2010-04-17 c
Fortran and C/C++ mixed programming
An attempt to list some common programming features and how they are implemented in Fortran and in C and C++.
2010-04-17 fortran c
Recommended C Style and Coding Standards
Describes a recommended coding standard for C programs.
2010-04-16 c style reference
ALGLIB is a cross-platform numerical analysis and data processing library.
2010-04-16 c scientific-computing library
A modern way to solve the "callback problem" from a subroutine?
Discussion of solving the callback problem, in general, via internal functions, common blocks, reverse communication, transfer, object-oriented features, etc.
2010-04-15 fortran callback
PassMark Software - CPU Benchmark Charts
CPU Mark benchmarks for over 200,000 CPUs.
2010-04-13 cpu hardware benchmark
Ghostscript C coding guidelines
Describes Ghostscript's C coding conventions.
2010-04-12 c
The C Book
The online version of The C Book, second edition by Mike Banahan, Declan Brady and Mark Doran.
2010-04-12 c reference
C Programming Notes
Introductory C Programming Class Notes by Steve Summit. Designed to supplement K&R.
2010-04-12 c reference
F95 BLAS Proposal
Software for the F95 BLAS proposal as presented at the BLAST Forum (April 1998).
2010-04-08 fortran blas linear-algebra
Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution
Edited by Chris DiBona, Sam Ockman, and Mark Stone (1999). O'Reilly.
2010-04-08 book open-source
What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic
Goldberg, David (1991). ACM Computing Surveys 23, 5-49.
2010-04-07 scientific-computing floating-point numerical-analysis
Intel Fortran Compiler User's Guide, Vol. II
Optimizing Applications
2010-04-07 fortran intel reference
OpenMP Tutorial
Blaise Barney, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
2010-04-07 openmp c fortran
Asian Pacific style dishes and sushi in Columbus, Ohio.
2010-04-04 columbus restaurant
Columbus travel guide - Wikitravel
A Wikitravel guide to Columbus, Ohio.
2010-04-04 columbus
Restaurant and bar with 50 beers on tap. 1044 N. High Street, Columbus, Ohio.
2010-04-04 columbus restaurant beer
Meschach: Matrix computations in C
A C-language library of routines for performing matrix computations.
2010-04-04 c linear-algebra
Decison Tree for Optimization Software
Guide to software for solving optimization problems.
2010-03-31 optimization scientific-computing
NLopt is a free/open-source library for nonlinear optimization.
2010-03-31 optimization scientific-computing c
The Scale of the Universe
An interactive Flash application which shows the scale of the universe from the tiniest atom to the biggest galaxy and everything in-between.
2010-03-30 science
Google's Abandoned Library of 700 Million Titles
Google has neglected its massive Usenet archive, will it do the same to books?
2010-03-30 google usenet
Michel Olagnon's Fortran 90 List
Fortran 90 Frequently Asked about News.
2010-03-30 fortran
Fortran resources by H. D. Knoble.
2010-03-30 fortran
Linux Fortan Information Page
Information about running Fortran codes under Linux
2010-03-30 fortran
Fortran 90 source code and texts at Ifremer
Fortran 90 texts and programs, assembled by Michel Olagnon, including a preprocessor and code formatter called f90ppr.
2010-03-30 fortran
Home Page for Comp Sci 201F, Fortran
Fortran 90 lectures for a course by John Mahaffy.
2010-03-30 fortran courses
Fortran Gems

2010-03-30 fortran
Ben Lynn's Homepage
Home of C Craft, Git Magic, and useful Go information.
2010-03-30 people c git google go
Zhang Yunfeng - ZYF
2010-03-02 blog python fortran scientific-computing
Five Experts Dispute Edward Tufte on PowerPoint
2010-03-01 presentations tufte design
PowerPoint Remix (Aaron Swartz: The Weblog)
2010-03-01 presentations design tufte
Wired 11.09: PowerPoint Is Evil
2010-03-01 presentations design
Edward Tufte: Books - Essay: The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint
2010-03-01 books design presentations
Kell Systems
Server Cabinets - Quiet, Sound Proofed, Acoustic Server Rack Cabinet Solution
2010-03-01 server rack office furniture
gcalcli - Project Hosting on Google Code
A command-line interface to Google Calendar, written in Python.
2010-02-08 python shell terminal calendar cli google
Predictably Irrational
2010-02-08 economics
HINT.FM: Web Seer
2010-02-08 visualization web search
A subdued, stylish beamer template |
2009-10-26 latex beamer
Exim4 + Mailman + Apache2 on Debian etch mini-HOWTO |
2009-09-20 sysadmin mailing-list debian exim4 mailman apache
Licensing and Contribution Guidance - Globus
2009-09-18 apache bsd gpl licensing opensource
Catalyzing Open Source development in science: The OpenScience Project
2009-09-18 opensource scientific-computing licensing
In defense of BSD licenses « objects in motion
2009-09-18 gpl bsd licensing opensource
Why I (A/L)GPL
2009-09-18 bsd gpl opensource licensing
Why we should be using BSD — NIPY Documentation
2009-09-18 bsd gpl opensource licensing
Tunneling Firefox traffic over SSH
2009-06-04 linux firefox security network web ssh tunnel proxy socks
SSH Tunnel + SOCKS Proxy Forwarding = Secure Browsing
2009-06-04 security firefox linux ssh network internet privacy tunnel proxy socks firewall
plasTeX - LaTeX Document Processing Framework
2009-05-27 latex parser python xml xhtml
KLM Houses
2009-05-25 klm collectables
Economics and Computation
2009-05-11 economics scientific-computing computational-economics research econometrics academic
Fortran Wiki
The Fortran Wiki is an open venue for discussing all aspects of the Fortran programming language and scientific computing.
2009-05-10 fortran wiki scientific-computing programming
Notes on FORTRAN Programming
2009-05-04 programming fortran reference
The Fortran (not the foresight) saga
2009-05-04 fortran
Emacs: align perl hash with align-current « Lazy Programmer
2009-04-23 emacs
Quick Tip: set-goal-column
2009-04-23 emacs
Getting the word out about Perl //
2009-04-23 perl
2009-04-18 data
Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network.
2009-04-18 data
2009-04-18 data
HOWTO: Be more productive (Aaron Swartz's Raw Thought)
2009-04-15 productivity
Survival Strategies for Academic Publishing (The Chronicle, 6/17/2005)
2009-04-14 publishing academia writing
LaTeXMathML Perl Port
2009-04-12 latex mathml perl
Re: sorting rows of a matrix according to any of its column
C++ gsl wrapper
2009-04-09 scientific-computing gsl c++ c
Restricting symbols in a Linux static library - Stack Overflow
2009-04-08 c programming libraries
Douglas W. Jones Manual of C Style
2009-04-07 programming c style
Personal Coding Standards
Ben Pfaff's personal coding standards
2009-04-06 programming style c
nonsequitur's smex at master - GitHub
2009-04-04 emacs
the all-thing
2009-04-04 weblog mathml ruby
How do I get emacs to fill sentences, but not paragraphs? - Stack Overflow
2009-04-03 emacs latex
Best practices in LaTeX - Stack Overflow
2009-04-03 latex
The Ultimate Latex Makefile
2009-04-03 latex make
FLAME Homepage
2009-03-25 scientific-computing math lapack linear-algebra
The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository
2009-03-25 software algorithms mathematics math programming cs
Convex Hull of a 2D Point Set or Polygon
2009-03-25 geometry math convexhull
How to free yourself of patriarchal fetters []
2009-03-25 c statistics scientific-computing
Variable Declarations []
On scientific computing in C
2009-03-25 c scientific-computing statistics
WikiC is a standalone wikiserver written in the C language.
2009-03-22 wiki c webserver
LaTeX2rtf Home
2009-03-20 latex parser c
UTF-8 and Unicode FAQ
2009-03-19 utf8 c programming unicode text unix development
Using Flex and Bison
2009-03-17 flex bison compiler parser development
How parsers and compilers work
2009-03-17 compiler parser programming
How does an interpreter/compiler work? - Dev Shed
2009-03-17 compiler
Welcome to Autotoolset Home Page!
2009-03-17 gnu make autoconf build development linux
Example Git Workflows: Merging a Contributor via Pull
2009-03-17 git workflow
GNOMEnclature: The wonders of GLib
2009-03-16 glib c development programming
Show me your highlighted code
2009-03-16 xml xsl docbook highlighting
Color Combinations | Color Schemes | Color Palettes
2009-03-16 webdesign color
Using Rsync and SSH
2009-03-13 linux sysadmin backup rsync ssh
2009-03-13 backup sysadmin linux rsync
Academics: What's your filing system? | Ask Metafilter
2009-03-11 gtd productivity academia
Grad Students Represent: Note Taking / References on OS X | 43 Folders
2009-03-11 gtd productivity academia dissertation
How to implement GTD for university students | 43 Folders
2009-03-11 gtd productivity academia
David O'Toole Org tutorial
2009-03-09 org-mode emacs productivity gtd
Org-mode, Emacs, and Getting Things Done
2009-03-09 emacs gtd org-mode productivity
gnuplot wiki
2009-03-08 wiki gnuplot
Vim Tango color scheme
2009-03-04 color tango vim
uwstopia ★ Blog ★ Tango terminal
2009-03-04 tango design color terminal
The GNU C Programming Tutorial
2009-03-03 c reference programming gnu
A math paste bin with LaTeX equation rendering.
2009-03-02 math latex web
Successful Lisp
2009-03-02 lisp programming books
emacs-snapshot Debian packages
2009-02-27 emacs debian linux
Structural Analysis of Discrete Data and Econometric Applications, by Charles F. Manski and Daniel L. McFadden, MIT Press, 1981.
2009-02-27 economics econometrics books
The Bayesian Filtering Library | The Orocos Project
2009-02-12 filtering bayes software c++ statistics bayesian
Revolutions: Multicolor text in R
2009-01-23 r programming visualization
Course on Computational Statistics and Monte Carlo methods
2009-01-19 research smc
GTD Productivity & Creativity | Tools for Thought
2009-01-05 productivity gtd blog
The Zellner Thesis Award in Business and Economic Statistics
2009-01-05 economics
Publishing Online vs. Traditional Academic Publishers « Quantum Quandaries
2008-12-16 copyright academia publishing
Object-oriented programming in C
2008-12-14 c oop
CU - C Unit Testing Framework
2008-12-14 c unittest development
CUnit Home
2008-12-14 c unittest development
Check: A unit testing framework for C
2008-12-14 c unittest development
Explicit interface of a type-bound procedure bounded to an instance (F2003) - comp.lang.fortran | Google Groups
2008-12-13 fortran2003 fortran
Traditional journals and copyright transfer
2008-12-11 academia copyright
Ben Lynn: Openly Geeky: AsciiDoc and MathML
2008-12-11 itex2mml asciidoc mathml
Git Magic - Preface
2008-12-11 git
The Trilinos Project - Home
2008-12-11 scientific-computing c++ library parallel numerical
High-level Best Practices in SCM
2008-12-09 scm programming development
Oliver Steele » Blog Archive » My Git Workflow
2008-12-09 git workflow
project-LaTeXML Info Page
2008-12-09 mailing-list mathml latexml latex
Complete Introduction to git
2008-12-09 git scm
DLMF: NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions
2008-12-08 mathml math
LaTeXML A LaTeX to XML Converter
2008-12-08 latex mathml
2008-12-07 latex xml mathml
Handling Math in Real-World Workflows: Practical Lessons
2008-12-07 mathml
citeproc-hs - A Haskell Implementation of the Citation Style Language
2008-12-07 pandoc bibtex bibliography
GELLMU: Introductory Survey
2008-12-07 latex mathml xml xhtml
TRALICS : a LaTeX to XML translator
2008-12-07 latex xml
Hermes - a semantic XML e-publishing tool for LaTeX authored scientific articles
2008-12-07 latex tex mathml xml
Where's the Real Bottleneck in Scientific Computing?
The American Scientist, 2006.
2008-12-06 programming scientific-computing
The Third Bit
2008-12-06 programming development scientific-computing
Terence Tao
Research, open problems, and discussion of mathematics.
2008-12-02 math weblog people research
The Linux System Administrator's Guide
2008-11-30 linux sysadmin
An Introduction to Display Editing with Vi
2008-11-24 vi reference
David Parsons
2008-11-21 homepage markdown minimalistic c
Blogging Like a Hacker
2008-11-21 git minimalistic weblog ruby
Vim: Seven habits of effective text editing
2008-11-20 vim reference productivity text
A literate programming wiki
2008-11-20 lp programming wiki c
Flaco Blog
2008-11-18 weblog script minimalistic
recursive-descent parser generators for C
2008-11-18 grammar c parser peg
from Vim to Emacs - part 2
2008-11-16 emacs vim
from Vim to Emacs - part 1
2008-11-16 emacs vim
Object Oriented Programming in C
2008-11-16 oop c programming
2008-11-13 debian - VPS Hosting
2008-11-12 linux vps hosting web
Using Markdown and Make to maintain a bunch of documents
2008-11-12 markdown xhtml web make
Perl Module Mechanics
2008-11-12 perl packaging
Using Git for Debian Packaging
2008-11-12 debian git linux
Matthias Georgi - Shinmun, a small and beautiful blog engine
2008-11-11 ruby blog web minimalistic
Arnaud's technical recipes
2008-11-06 fortran programming deb debugging
How to style thumbnails and captions with CSS
2008-11-02 webdesign css
Git is the next Unix
2008-10-30 git
Hendricks Solutions Blog: mutt and git format-patch
2008-10-27 git mutt
Dark Photography School
2008-10-23 photography
Advanced Fortran 90: Callbacks with the Transfer Function
2008-10-22 fortran
Fortran 95: Building blocks for object-based programming
2008-10-21 fortran95 fortran oop scientific-computing
Debian Server - Cgit
Debian packages for cgit and notes for running it under lighttpd.
2008-10-20 debian cgit git lighttpd sysadmin
The Common Lisp Directory: On using Common Lisp for Scientific Computing
2008-10-20 clisp lisp scientific-computing
2008-10-16 opensource infovis
Merits of fortran - comp.lang.fortran | Google Groups
2008-10-16 fortran
Fortran templates - comp.lang.fortran | Google Groups
2008-10-16 fortran
Matrix exponentiation in FORTRAN - comp.lang.fortran | Google Groups
2008-10-16 fortran scientific-computing matrix
Efficient Editing With vim - Jonathan McPherson
2008-10-12 vim reference
[R] Create variables with common values for each group
The 'ave' command can be used to apply an arbitrary function to an existing variable by group.
2008-10-11 R
A file based Wiki system in Vim
2008-10-07 vim wiki gtd productivity
vim As A Personal Wiki | iface thoughts
2008-10-07 vim wiki gtd productivity
It’s The Giving, Not The Taking » Blog Archive » how to use vim as a personal wiki
2008-10-07 vim wiki gtd productivity
The Git Guides
2008-09-28 git scm
Earliest Known Uses of Some of the Words of Mathematics
2008-09-13 mathematics
CRAN - Package pomp
Inference methods for partially-observed Markov processes
2008-08-26 statistics R smc filtering
Our Good Earth - National Geographic Magazine
2008-08-22 economics environment
Marginal Revolution: The Obama tax plan
2008-08-13 economy taxes politics
The Folly of Obama’s Tax Plan — The American, A Magazine of Ideas
2008-08-13 economy taxes politics
Yan Brailowsky: Custom LaTeX PhD package
2008-08-12 latex
Parallel Programming in Fortran 95 using OpenMP
2008-08-12 openmp parallel scientific-computing fortran fortran95
Econbrowser: What does the GDP deflator measure?
James Hamilton on interpreting the GDP deflator.
2008-08-09 economics macro
An OpenMP tutorial
2008-08-07 parallel openmp programming scientific-computing
Economic Principals » He Changed Economics
On Martin S. Feldstein and the NBER
2008-07-31 economics nber
Computers: Garamond fonts for LaTeX
2008-07-29 latex fonts typography
NASA Images
2008-07-26 photos space gov
Applied Analysis by John Hunter and Bruno Nachtergaele
A PDF version of the book made available by the authors
2008-07-25 analysis math books
Dot Plots: A Useful Alternative to Bar Charts
2008-07-16 infovis graphs data
NBER Conferences
2008-07-14 nber conferences economics
Economic View - What if the Candidates Pandered to Economists? - News Analysis -
2008-07-12 nytimes economics - Photography and Multimedia of Raleigh, North Carolina
2008-07-10 photography raleigh
SAMSI - 2008-09 Program on Sequential Monte Carlo Methods
2008-07-09 research conferences
Dynamic Discrete Choice Structural Models: Computer Codes
Companion Web Page Of The Paper "Dynamic Discrete Choice Structural Models: A Survey" by Victor Aguirregabiria and Pedro Mira
2008-07-09 research ddc scientific-computing
Setting up a new remote git repository
2008-07-09 git
Linux Blog » latex — professional Résumé layout made simple
2008-07-07 resume cv latex
Dario Taraborelli: Typesetting your academic CV in LaTeX
2008-07-07 cv latex
The oil price | Don’t blame the speculators |
2008-07-07 economics economist
Unloading Information Overload - Information Age -
2008-07-07 productivity wsj
Disconnecting Distraction
2008-07-07 productivity procrastination
Academic Productivity
2008-07-07 academia blog productivity
Keyser Web Page
2008-07-03 family people pictures
Mathematics in Muse
2008-07-03 mathematics mathml emacs
Montgomery Pens
2008-07-02 pens shopping
2008-07-01 music
Markdown Extra Specification
2008-07-01 markdown
A List Apart: Articles: Setting Type on the Web to a Baseline Grid
2008-06-24 typography webdesign
The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web
2008-06-24 typography webdesign
2008-06-24 webdesign
The Big Picture -
2008-06-24 blog photography news
50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do | Marc and Angel Hack Life
2008-06-24 howto skills
Free vector graphics
2008-06-18 graphics design
Fonts with TEX
2008-06-18 latex typography fonts
A Remarkable Photo From Tornado Country - The Lede - Breaking News - New York Times Blog
2008-06-17 photography weather photo
Silver Gallery - Engraved Gifts Sterling Silver Jewelry Wedding Corporate & Baby Gift Ideas
2008-06-12 gifts jewelry shopping
Etsy :: Your place to buy and sell all things handmade
2008-06-10 gifts
You and Your Research
2008-06-09 research science productivity
RSS Subscriptions | Tweedle-Dee Inc.
A shell script to count feed subscribers from Apache access logs.
2008-05-06 feed scripts apache
Economics PhD job market
2008-05-06 economics jobmarket
George Marsaglia: Random numbers for C: The END?
2008-04-29 rng random scientific-computing
Fortran and C: United with a KISS - comp.lang.fortran | Google Groups
2008-04-29 random rng fortran c
Literate Programming Using Noweb
2008-04-28 lp noweb programming
portable makefiles with f90 modules - comp.lang.fortran | Google Groups
2008-04-28 fortran make
Reproducibility in Econometrics Research
2008-04-28 scientific-computing econometrics
Literate Programming
Propaganda and Tools
2008-04-28 programming software
InformIT: Interview with Donald Knuth
2008-04-28 cs interview
The Cove Bed and Breakfast - Ocracoke, North Carolina
2008-04-27 travel lodging
Moody's - Credit Rating - Mortgages - Investments - Subprime Mortgages - New York Times
2008-04-26 economics
The Carneros Inn a luxury resort in Napa Valley, California
2008-04-24 travel lodging vacation napa
The Green and Porter (1984) Model
2008-04-24 economics io
The Business of Scaling
2008-04-24 dram
The Next Wafer Diameter Change - 6/1/2004 - Semiconductor International
Projections about 450mm technology. Contains historical data on previous generations of wafers.
2008-04-21 dram
2008-04-18 audio books
An Introduction to Microelectronics Manufacturing and Markets
2008-04-18 semiconductor dram
Semiconductor device fabrication - Wikipedia
2008-04-18 dram
A fab construction job | CNET
2008-04-18 dram
AMD's new fab slated for Germany - CNET
2008-04-18 dram
Semiconductor Magazine - Building a Fab – It’s All About Tradeoffs
2008-04-18 dram
USGS Minerals Information: Silicon
2008-04-17 dram
Breaking Firewalls with OpenSSH and PuTTY
2008-04-17 admin ssh linux tunnel
Analysis of current economic conditions and policy by James D. Hamilton and Menzie Chinn.
2008-04-17 economics finance politics economy
Paul Johnson's amazingly thorough list of R tips.
2008-04-17 r
exljbris :: Free Quality Font Foundry
2008-04-17 fonts
gnu.screen.user - Re: workaround to not overwrite .bash_history
A workaround to prevent multiple screen windows from overwriting the .bash_history file when closed. Instead, the file is appended.
2008-04-17 linux bash screen
X-bit labs - AMD to Upgrade Fab 30, Build New Clean Room.
2008-04-15 dram
SAMSUNG Semiconductor - about us - locations
2008-04-15 dram
Resources to help you learn and use R
2008-04-15 r statistics
Running the Numbers: An American Self-Portrait
2008-04-15 art consumption fractals
2008-04-14 simplicity
Live Simple: Radical tactics to reduce the clutter, complexity, and costs of your life
2008-04-14 simplicity
Marginal Revolution: Financial Compensation for Organ Donors is Working
2008-04-14 economics
If You Think Your Taxes Are Unjust, Just Think Again
2008-04-14 economics
The Captian's Landing, Ocracoke Island
2008-04-13 vacation travel lodging
Quikbook Hotels: Discount Hotel Reservations
2008-04-13 travel lodging
2008-04-13 travel
DryIcons | Free Icon Sets
2008-04-12 icons
The Thing About Git
2008-04-08 git scm
SQL with SQLite
2008-04-02 sql sqlite
A Guided Tour of emacs-git (by TSKim)
2008-04-01 emacs git
Paul Graham
2008-03-31 technology programming people
Adobe - Developer Center : Styled Headings for Authors and Users
2008-03-29 webdesign css
New entries — Rassmalog 10.1.0
A static blog engine based on YAML, eRuby, and Rake.
2008-03-29 ruby weblog cms
The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!) - Joel on Software
2008-03-28 encodings unicode programming
bsdtalk: bsdtalk021 - Interview with Stephen Jones of SDF
2008-03-27 sdf interview
Backups using rsync
A space-efficient incremental backup system using rsync and trees of hard links.
2008-03-26 backup admin linux
2008-03-26 network admin Org-Fu Überpost - Productivity Whitepaper
2008-03-25 gtd organization
Babelmark — Markdown Testbed
2008-03-25 markdown
madbean » Blog Archive » Serving one Apache site from two parallel directories
2008-03-24 apache
ikiwiki plugins by Alexandre Dupas
2008-03-22 ikiwiki
Basic project management with git
2008-03-19 scm git
A simple OpenID server CGI script written in Perl.
2008-03-19 openid perl
Scripts to maintain a farm of ikiwiki wikis.
2008-03-18 ikiwiki wiki
Notes from my talk at SCALE | LinuxWorld Community
"Do more, better - offline."
2008-03-18 linux productivity
GitFaq - GitWiki
2008-03-18 git faq scm
Whitelist-based spam filtering
2008-03-18 spam procmail email
Home Directory Organization Policy
2008-03-17 productivity filesystem linux
Filtering Mail FAQ
2008-03-15 procmail email faq
USB HDTV Tuner Stick for Windows & Linux (Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-950)
2008-03-14 hardware hdtv linux tv
Conkeror Wiki
2008-03-14 conkeror
Geek to Live: Choose (and remember) great passwords
Lots of comments regarding various password systems.
2008-03-14 security passwords
Password Patterns
2008-03-14 security
ad Hominem: 7 Tips Worth Their Weight In Bash.
2008-03-13 bash shell
GPG-Based Password Wallet
2008-03-13 gpg linux security
SHELLdorado - Good Shell Coding Practices
2008-03-13 shell programming awk bash
hulu: Watch your favorites. Anytime. Anywhere.
2008-03-12 video streaming media movies tv
SSH public keys -
2008-03-12 encryption ssh security
EasyPG is an all-in-one GnuPG interface for Emacs. It consists of two parts: EasyPG Assistant and EasyPG Library.
2008-03-12 emacs gpg pgp security encryption
HOWTO: ikiwiki + git
2008-03-09 ikiwiki git
Overview Of The Debian GNU/Linux System
October 1st, 1994 by Ian Murdock
2008-03-07 history linux debian
Calibrating the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck model
2008-03-07 finance math
Everyday GIT With 20 Commands Or So
2008-03-06 git
Git User's Manual (for version 1.5.3 or newer)
2008-03-06 git
Choosing a Distributed Version Control System - Dave Dribin's Blog
2008-03-06 scm bzr hg git
If Version Control Systems were Airlines - The Changelog
2008-03-06 bzr cvs humor
Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2008-03-06 statistics
Stochastic Processes
Stochastic Processes with Focus in Petroleum Applications
2008-03-06 statistics finance
Monte Carlo Simulation
2008-03-06 scientific-computing statistics
Red Door: Listings
2008-03-05 realty chapelhill durham
Custom routes - Ruby on Rails: Talk
How to throw a 404 error for unmatched routes.
2008-03-04 rails - Awstats with virtual hosts on Apache
2008-03-03 apache sysadmin
Simple firewall for Ubuntu using iptables | townx
2008-03-03 ubuntu firewall linux sysadmin
EtcMailName - Debian Wiki
On /etc/mailname in Debian: "This page has been created in the hope that it can be used to document which MTA does it which way, and to reach consensus so that all MTAs can converge."
2008-03-02 debian ubuntu sysadmin
Discount — a C implementation of the Markdown markup language
2008-03-01 markdown
The Fishbowl: Album Art Meme
2008-02-29 music blog
2008-02-29 webdesign color
The Poisson Process
Includes a short overview of doubly-stochastic poisson processes.
2008-02-27 probability statistics mathematics
Ruport: Ruby Reports
2008-02-26 ruport ruby
O'Reilly Network: How to Build Simple Console Apps with Ruby and ActiveRecord
2008-02-26 activerecord ruby
Using ActiveRecord without Rails
Here's a quick example of using Ruby ActiveRecord outside of Rails.
2008-02-26 ruby activerecord database
ESMTP Manual
2008-02-25 esmtp gmail mutt
Configuring Mutt To Use An Alternate MTA : ESMTP
2008-02-25 mutt gmail email ubuntu esmtp
My Wandering Wiki: Static Hybrid Module
2008-02-25 oddmuse Using Gmail and Postfix
2008-02-25 email
HOWTO: Apache+suExec+FastCgi+php4+php5 on Dapper - Ubuntu Forums
This is for installations that need to support both PHP4 and PHP5 on virtual hosts. It keeps the virtual hosts separated via suExec, and retains performance by using the Worker MPM for Apache2 and FastCgi for PHP.
2008-02-24 ubuntu apache php
The Perfect Server - Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon (Ubuntu 7.10) | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials
Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon (7.10) with Apache, Postfix, BIND, Proftpd, MySQL server, Courier POP3/IMAP, Quota, Firewall, etc.
2008-02-22 ubuntu sysadmin The X-Philes
2008-02-21 xhtml
lighttpd forum - cml and Accept: header
Unresolved lighttpd and HTTP accept question.
2008-02-21 lighttpd xhtml
lighttpd forum - Rewriting Content-Type header for static files
Yet another unanswered lighttpd forum question about conditional content negotiation.
2008-02-21 lighttpd xhtml
lighttpd forum - Content Negotiation
An unanswered lighttpd forum post from 2005-12-18 regarding HTTP accept header conditionals.
2008-02-21 lighttpd xhtml
lighttpd forum - http accept headers in lighttpd
An unresolved lighttpd forum post from 2006-09-13 regarding content negotiation for application/xhtml+xml via the HTTP accept header.
2008-02-21 lighttpd xhtml xml
Practical MathML | Oxide Interactive
2008-02-21 mathml php
Martian Intuition — Extensionless URL's [with lighttpd]
2008-02-19 lighttpd
ntpdate from cron
2008-02-19 linux
graphicPUSH: Free Blog Icons and Icon Packs for Web Design
These icons are designed specifically for blogs and content management systems. The graphicPUSH blog icons come in two happening forms: a free version and a deluxe version.
2008-02-18 icons design graphics
The Unofficial Ruby Usage Guide
2008-02-16 ruby style
A Comparative Look At Some Ruby Idioms
In this article we look at some well-known programming patterns and compare them to their equivalent written in the Ruby language.
2008-02-15 ruby
Medibuntu :: Multimedia, Entertainment & Distractions In Ubuntu
Medibuntu (Multimedia, Entertainment & Distractions In Ubuntu) is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons (copyright, license, patent, etc).
2008-02-15 ubuntu
eigenclass - Plugins in your Ruby application
There are at least two things a plugin framework should do: allow the user to drop plugins into some directory and have them loaded and register the functionality exposed by each plugin so as to use it either automatically or on demand
2008-02-15 ruby plugin
Riposte is a blog engine written in Ruby and based on Ramaze and Sequel. Its simple, elegant architecture, minimalist featureset, and extensible codebase make it both fast and easy to customize.
2008-02-13 blog ramaze ruby
Hello, Rails is Swiss Cheese - Brian Slesinsky
2008-02-13 rails security
Chocolate Covered Strawberries - Allrecipes
2008-02-13 recipes food cooking
Mini Pork Rack with Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans Recipe
2008-02-13 food recipes cooking
cfis : How to Profile Your Rails Application
2008-02-13 rails optimization benchmark profiling
.c( whytheluckystiff )o.
Tab Completion in IRb
2008-02-12 irb ruby
Miljan Karadzic - Playing with lighttpd
Lighttpd also has mod_rewrite but some of the most important functionalities can be achieved using mod_redirect and mod_magnet.
2008-02-12 lighttpd
Anton Dubina / Setting up VPS server on Ubuntu, part 1
2008-02-11 ubuntu vps
Blosxom Static Rending with Lighttpd
2008-02-11 blosxom lighttpd
VPS CPU guarantee [Archive] - Web Hosting Talk
2008-02-11 hosting vps
The Beauty Of SVG Fractals
Fractals are beautiful and looking at the elegant way they can be created with SVG they become even more beautiful.
2008-02-10 svg fractals
Low memory MySQL / Apache configurations - VPSLink Wiki
2008-02-09 vps apache mysql
ACM SIGPLAN Fortran Forum: Volume 26, Issue 2
2008-02-09 fortran
DISLIN is a high-level plotting library for displaying data as curves, polar plots, bar graphs, pie charts, 3D-color plots, surfaces, contours and maps.
2008-02-09 fortran graphics libraries
The Art of Speaking
“There is a special circle in hell for those who use laser pointers,” this and other advice from a master speaker.
2008-02-08 speaking
Ben Casnocha: The Blog: Some of the Best Speaking Advice Ever
"MIT Professor Harry Winston every year gives a famed lecture on 'The Art of Speaking.' Cal Newport attended the lecture this year and posted the notes."
2008-02-08 speaking
The Worst Building in the History of Mankind
It's the Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea, where the world's 22nd largest skyscraper has been vacant for two decades and is likely to stay that way ... forever.
2008-02-08 architecture
Hammer knows the system - The Mountain Times
Fred Hammer speaks about his Philadelphia experience and a missing man named Jim Blevins
2008-02-08 ashecounty news
Martin Wolf - Bernanke’s reflation gamble may work too well
"If it succeeds it will renew and, at worst, exacerbate the fragility, both domestic and international, that triggered the turmoil. If it fails, the US and, perhaps, much of the rest of the world could well suffer a prolonged period of economic weakness."
2008-02-08 economics
Why Paul Krugman Is Wrong About Health Mandates « The Sentinel Effect
Paul Krugman slammed Barack Obama today on the issue of health mandates. Here’s why I believe he’s wrong...
2008-02-08 economics politics - Fallen Phila. Officer's Family Awaits Justice
2008-02-07 ashecounty news
Pygments — Python syntax highlighter
Pygments is a generic syntax highlighter for general use in all kinds of software such as forum systems, wikis or other applications that need to prettify source code.
2008-02-07 python syntax programming css
DEVTRENCH CSS Formatter and Optimiser/Optimizer (based on CSSTidy )
2008-02-05 css webdesign
Ramaze is a simple, light and modular open-source web application framework written in Ruby.
2008-02-02 ruby web ramaze
Irregular Verbs - Fossils of Linguistic And Social Rules
"The half-life of irregular verbs is proportional to the square root of their frequency."
2008-02-02 language linguistics
Repugnance - Constraint - Markets - New York Times
"The problem is not that economists are unreasonable people, it’s that they’re evil people."
2008-02-01 economics nytimes newspaper
PGPLOT Graphics Subroutine Library
The PGPLOT Graphics Subroutine Library is a Fortran- or C-callable, device-independent graphics package for making simple scientific graphs.
2008-02-01 fortran graphics library scientific-computing
Legacy of Deficits Will Constrain Bush's Successor -
"Bush's 2009 Budget Will Top $3 Trillion. Bush took office with budget surpluses projected well into the future. But it's almost certain that when he exits, he'll leave behind deficits and debt that will sharply constrain his successor."
2008-02-01 newspaper wsj politics
Microsoft Unveils $44.6 Billion Bid For Web Ad, Search Rival Yahoo -
"Microsoft offered to buy Yahoo for $44.6 billion in a cash and share deal, a move designed to help both companies compete against industry leader Google."
2008-02-01 newspaper wsj microsoft yahoo business
Opera and MathML | Musings
"The most recent version of Opera 9.50, is now claimed to have MathML support... But, even with Opera’s fairly sophisticated extensions to the basic technology of CSS..., there are many things which simply don’t work."
2008-01-31 opera mathml
How to Make Your Own Ringtones for Verizon Phones - wikiHow
2008-01-30 cellphone
Getting Things Done: The Science behind Stress-Free Productivity
This paper argues that recent insights in psychology and cognitive science support and extend GTD’s recommendations.
2008-01-29 gtd papers productivity
Studies Cite Head Injuries As Factor in Some Social Ills -
Researchers studying brain injury believe they've found a common thread running through many cases of seemingly unrelated social problems: a long-forgotten blow to the head.
2008-01-29 wsj
Winston-Salem Journal | Suspect did time in 1978 killing
2008-01-29 news ashecounty
Sheriff’s Office Seeks Leads Regarding Missing Man | The Mountain Times Online
2008-01-29 news ashecounty
Winston-Salem Journal | 3 killed when robbers went after cash safe
2008-01-29 newspaper ashecounty
How do I do muti-line fontlock? - comp.emacs
"So you want to use `font-lock-syntactic-keywords' instead... Note that writing your own function doesn't make any difference with respect to matching multiple lines..."
2008-01-29 emacs
Bug 3251 - Implement MathML (master bug)
2008-01-28 webkit mathml
Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics; SITE
2008-01-28 economics conferences
Bug 15302 - Add very-basic CSS-based MathML support into WebKit
2008-01-28 webkit mathml
FrogBlog » Blog Archive » The KHTML Future FAQ
Will KHTML be the HTML rendering engine in KDE 4.0? Yes. We are currently working on polishing it to get it into shape after so much of the frameworks around it have changed.
2008-01-28 kde konqueror khtml
With the SAGE Notebook anyone can create, collaborate on, and publish interactive worksheets. In a worksheet, one can write code using SAGE, Python, and other software included in SAGE.
2008-01-28 mathematics sage python scipy
Two Cheers for Wall St.
"There is roughly a 100 percent chance that we’re going to spend much of this year talking about the subprime mortgage crisis, the financial markets and the worsening economy. The only question is which narrative is going to prevail, the Greed Narrative
2008-01-27 finance economics nytimes
WikiScanner: List anonymous wikipedia edits from interesting organizations
2008-01-27 wikipedia datamining privacy politics
Whimsley: The Big Switch
That means, if you are a company and you have a computing task to be can now start outsource your CPU cycles just as you previously outsourced other tasks. And that means that the computing landscape will get shaken up.
2008-01-25 economics technology
Genshi is a Python library that provides an integrated set of components for parsing, generating, and processing HTML, XML or other textual content for output generation on the web.
2008-01-24 python xml web
Annotated blosxom.cgi
A copy of Blosxom 2.0 with detailed notes by Frank Hecker.
2008-01-24 blosxom perl
Hixie's Natural Log: Mistakes, Sadness, Regret
"Therefore I recommend not including the meta tag, or, if you are forced to include it, making sure it says "IE=7", even once IE8 ships. This seems to me to be the best way to show your support for an open, interoperable Web on the long term."
2008-01-23 microsoft ie8 webstandards
Ubuntu/Xubuntu Linux notes and tips: Ubuntu: set correct DPI for X server
2008-01-22 ubuntu linux issues
Rambo Data - Peter Gordon's Blog
2008-01-22 data film
Connect to Duke via Cisco VPN « Typicon Man’s blog
2008-01-18 duke ubuntu
Things That Newcomers to Ruby Should Know
2008-01-15 ruby
RAA - Ruby Application Archive
2008-01-14 ruby
Sam Ruby: utf-8 musings
2008-01-14 utf8 encodings
Sam Ruby: Inline vs. Referenced SVG
Sam Ruby on his inline SVG icons.
2008-01-11 svg
Fun with forms – customized input elements
2008-01-10 webdesign css
Merb | Looking for a better framework?
2008-01-09 merb ruby
BeanCounter portfolio performance toolkit
2008-01-09 finance linux
The RePEc blog
2008-01-09 economics blog
Programming CouchDB with Javascript - plok
2008-01-08 couchdb database
Matran: A Matrix Wrapper for Fortran 95
2008-01-08 fortran scientific-computing fortran95
ubuntuusers - Shell script: tvtime + sox / pctv hybrid pro stick 330e - Thema anzeigen
2008-01-07 hdtv linux
Scientific Computing with Python
2008-01-07 python scipy
PythonSpeed/PerformanceTips - PythonInfo Wiki
2008-01-07 python performance
PythonSpeed - PythonInfo Wiki
2008-01-07 python performance
Scientific Analysis in Python
2008-01-07 scipy python
Bob Hall’s job market advice for Stanford economics students
2008-01-07 economics jobmarket
A List Apart: Articles: Using XML
2008-01-06 xml webdesign xslt
BlosxomPaginate - Main - Wiki - 0xDECAFBAD
Pagination plugin for Blosxom
2008-01-05 blosxom
The Chelsea and Varsity Theaters
2008-01-04 movies chapelhill - Self Publishing - Free
2008-01-03 books publishing printing
Unique Gifts, Personalized Gifts, Luxury Gifts
2007-12-31 shopping gifts
Python page Richard Gruet @
2007-12-16 python reference
TANGO Project: Trustable Algorithms for Nonlinear General Optimization
2007-12-12 optimization scientific-computing fortran
Nonlinear Optimization Models
Includes a nice example of a funcadd.c file for user-defined functions in AMPL.
2007-12-12 ampl optimization
Optimisation with AMPL Wiki — escweb
2007-12-12 ampl wiki
CAAM 378 - Using AMPL and Optimization
2007-12-11 ampl
TaylUR, an arbitrary-order diagonal automatic differentiation package for Fortran 95
2007-12-11 scientific-computing fortran autodiff
TAPENADE On-line Automatic Differentiation Engine
2007-12-11 autodiff scientific-computing fortran
NLPy Home Page
2007-12-11 ampl mathematics numerical optimization python scientific-computing
Secrets of SVG | Musings
2007-12-11 webdesign html svg
Something Witty Goes Here » Inline vs. Referenced SVG
2007-12-11 webdesign html svg
SVG: object or embed? - Alleged Literature
2007-12-11 svg html
Free Python-based alternative to commercial frameworks like AMPL, GAMS, TomOpt's TOMLAB/TOMNET
2007-12-10 optimization python scientific-computing
Matrix Exponentials in Matlab
2007-12-09 matrix matlab scientific-computing
Statistics and climatology | Gambling on tomorrow |
2007-12-09 bayesian economist statistics
Reproducing Computations
2007-12-09 research scientific-computing
2007-12-09 python statistics bayesian mcmc
10 Python pitfalls
2007-12-09 python
Inverting Matrices - AMPL Modeling Language
2007-12-08 ampl
SAGE: Open Source Mathematics Software
2007-12-08 math python scientific-computing
Econometric Society North American Summer Meetings - June 19-22, 2008
2007-12-07 economics
Styling Definition Lists
2007-12-05 css webdesign
ui.key.contentAccess - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
2007-12-05 firefox keyboard accessibility
tip: make arrowhead's color match that of its body
2007-12-03 Inkscape
2007-12-03 svg inkscape latex
Unicode Character Code Charts
2007-12-03 unicode reference
Five simple steps to better typography : Journal : Mark Boulton
2007-11-30 webdesign typography
Web Typography Sucks | Slides and notes from SxSW 2007
2007-11-30 webdesign typography
The goal is to turn LaTeX into SVG.
2007-11-30 latex svg
Remove .html from urls
2007-11-29 apache webdesign
Momentary Fascinations: My New Business Cards
2007-11-27 stationery 3x5
Wilshire Graphic Press
2007-11-26 stationery stamping embossing
Strategy and Etiquette for Graduate Students Entering the Academic Job Market
Gerald Shively, Richard Woodward, Denise Stanley; Review of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 21, No. 2 (Autumn - Winter, 1999), pp. 513-526
2007-11-25 economics jobmarket
html2text: THE ASCIINATOR (aka html2txt)
2007-11-19 html markdown text
Frank Hecker, Blosxom : The lastmodified2 plugin
2007-11-19 blosxom
DeWitt Clinton
2007-11-16 blosxom blog
Blosxom pictureindex plugin
2007-11-16 blosxom
2007-11-16 blog blosxom
Taboo :: Firefox Add-ons
2007-11-15 firefox : : Downloads
2007-11-14 blosxom
Photo Workflow
2007-11-14 photo photography workflow
Paxton Prints
2007-11-12 photography
Building Open MPI with the Intel compilers
2007-11-06 fortran scientific-computing mpi
FGSL: A Fortran interface to the GNU Scientific Library
2007-11-05 fortran gsl scientific-computing
Bug #42382 in bash (Ubuntu): bash completion does not work for ssh
To disable hashing of ~/.ssh/known_hosts so that SSH host completion works, add "HashKnownHosts no" to ~/.ssh/config.
2007-11-04 ssh ubuntu linux issues
conkeror numbered links and application/xml+xhtml
2007-11-02 conkeror issues
Associative arrays in Fortran
2007-11-01 fortran
FLIBS - A collection of Fortran modules
2007-11-01 fortran scientific-computing
Bug #97175 in xfce-mcs-plugins (Ubuntu): “[xubuntu only]xfce4-session seems to reset xmodmap”
2007-10-28 linux ubuntu issues
Aural style sheets
2007-10-24 accessibility css aural
<abbr>, <acronym>, Accessibility & Automation | Musings
2007-10-24 accessibility
2007-10-24 openid
A List Apart: Articles: The Accessibility Hat Trick: Getting Abbreviations Right
2007-10-24 accessibility css xhtml webdesign
Frank Hecker, Site : URI rewriting and canonical URIs
My goal is to create a unified URI space within which static and dynamic content can transparently co-exist, with publicly-visible URIs for human-readable content (i.e., HTML pages) having a canonical form that omits file extensions or other content type
2007-10-20 apache blosxom uri
svn2bzr - Bazaar Version Control
2007-10-20 svn bzr
RCS to SVN Converter
2007-10-19 svn rcs cvs
Border-radius: create rounded corners with CSS! - CSS3 . Info
2007-10-19 css webdesign design
Validating Comments | Musings
2007-10-19 movabletype
Forcing Comment Previews | Musings
2007-10-18 movabletype
Brandon Fuller | MT-W3CValidator: A Movable Type Plugin
This plugin will validate your web pages on the fly when published from Movable Type. The validation is done live against the W3C’s Markup Validation Service by sending your newly published page.
2007-10-18 movabletype
Sergio Andreozzi » bib2html - a Wordpress plugin
2007-10-18 wordpress bibtex
2007-10-18 design webdesign
2007-10-18 movabletype
Simply Threaded | Movalog Plugins: Movable Type plugins by Arvind Satyanarayan
2007-10-17 plugin movabletype
OpenPGPComment - A Movabletype plugin
2007-10-17 movabletype pgp
Cruft-free URLs in Movable Type [dive into mark]
2007-10-17 movabletype url webdesign
2007-10-16 cms blog mephisto rubyonrails rails ruby
Radiant CMS
2007-10-16 ruby cms rubyonrails rails
2007-10-16 wiki ruby
Softies on Rails: How to run a single test from the command line
2007-10-07 rails ruby
O2scl: O2scl User's Guide
2007-10-06 scientific-computing c++ gsl
f90doc homepage
2007-10-01 fortran documentation programming
A Gentle Introduction to TeX
2007-09-30 tex
TeX by Topic: The Book that Victor Wrote
2007-09-30 tex
Object Oriented Fortran 90 Programming
2007-09-26 fortran oop scientific-computing
FGSL: A Fortran interface to the GNU Scientific Library
2007-09-26 gsl scientific-computing fortran
Hal: Hal User's Guide
2007-09-26 gsl math scientific-computing
LaTeX Resume Tips
2007-09-25 latex resume cv
From Rails Ajax helpers to Low Pro, Part 2 []
2007-09-24 ajax rails rubyonrails javascript
SLATEC - A Mathematical Library
2007-09-24 fortran slatec fortran90 scientific-computing
Raaum's Rails Reader: Database Conventions
2007-09-24 database rubyonrails
High Performance Scientific Computing on Linux
2007-09-20 linux scientific-computing fortran lapack fortran95
Drag and Drop Everything (Almost Everything) » Ajax script - Hacks , tutorials, tips and tools
2007-09-18 ajax rails ruby
Emacs highlighting and fonts
2007-09-16 emacs
Derek Slager: The Case for Emacs
2007-09-15 emacs programming productivity unix - Woodnotes Guide to Emacs for Writers
2007-09-07 emacs writing - Planner Mode Reference Card
2007-09-07 planner emacs reference
Printing with gnus. « Dinesh’s Web Log
2007-09-06 emacs print gnus
MMW Lincoln Theatre 2007-03-06 - Buster
MMW's acoustic set at the Lincoln Theatre during the power outage!
2007-09-06 music mmw
2007-09-06 emacs planner
EmacsWiki: PlannerModeQuickStart
2007-09-05 emacs gtd
GTD with Emacs PlannerMode | PigPog
2007-09-05 emacs GTD » 2004 » September » 21
2007-09-05 gtd emacs
credmp » Blog Archive » Getting Things Done, in Emacs
2007-09-05 emacs gtd productivity
Using Emacs org-mode for GTD
2007-09-05 emacs GTD org-mode productivity
2007-08-27 probability
Bakuvdanet - Tools
Spreadsheets and Templates used during the Process of Analyzing Companies
2007-08-21 investing
Particle Filter Group
2007-08-17 filtering pfddc econometrics statistics
Библиотека научной литературы
2007-08-16 books library
Make A Price Book: Save Money at the Supermarket! - Organized Home
2007-08-08 frugal lbym budget shopping
6 supertrends ... and 6 superstocks - Betting on supertrends (1) - FORTUNE
2007-07-25 stocks investing fool
Odyssey Road
2007-07-24 investing lbym
Thanks, Philip Fisher [The Motley Fool]
2007-07-20 investing
Rafe's Space: Zecco: Info & Answers
2007-07-16 zecco - Simply the Web's Best Stock Charts
2007-07-16 stocks investing finance charts
Value Line - The Most Trusted Name in Investment Research
2007-07-15 analysis finance investing research data
My Money Blog
2007-07-12 frugal money blog banking finance investing
American Stationery
2007-07-05 stationery
2007-07-05 stationery
Strategic Marketing Associates
The industry's leading market research company whose sole focus is the wafer fabs, new fabs, MEMS fabs, 300mm fabs, fabs in China, Fabs in Asia Pacific, fabs in US, fabs in Taiwan, Foundry fabs, DRAM fabs, flash memory fabs, MPU fabs, Fabs in Japan, Fabs
2007-06-26 semiconductor data
R, MySQL, LM and quantreg
Large datasets, least squares, quantile regression and the R language
2007-06-26 mysql r statistics database
Pearlman's Jewelers
2007-06-25 jewelry
Jewelry Appraisal | Chapel Hill | Appraiser Kim Piracci
2007-06-25 jewelry
R Tutorial
2007-06-20 R reference
Hynix Semiconductor History
2007-06-18 dram
Blackbeard's Lodge
Blackbeard's Lodge is a 38 room, 3 story lodge located in beautiful Ocracoke Island, North Carolina. Minutes from pristine beaches, wonderful restaurants and gift shops, Blackbeard's Lodge offers personal attention and bright, comfortable guest rooms, sui
2007-06-11 ocracoke obx lodging vacation
Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology
2007-06-08 books semiconductor
A History of the World Semiconductor Industry
2007-06-08 books semiconductor
Semiconductor Manufacturing by Elmer Epistola
2007-06-07 semiconductor manufacturing
Mr. Lee CatCam
2007-06-07 camera photo humor
Say hello to Web Analytics 2.0 | Clicky
Clicky gives bloggers and smaller web sites a more personal understanding of their visitors with its refreshingly clean and simple interface, innovative features like Spy and RSS feeds, and unrivaled per visitor level of detail.
2007-06-06 webdesign web statistics rss
Emacs markdown-mode
markdown-mode is a major mode for GNU Emacs that enables syntax highlighting and element insertion commands for Markdown files.
2007-06-05 emacs markdown lisp weblog blog html
Low Morale is a series of animations portraying one man's struggle to cope with the soul-sapping, will-to-live draining, life-force mugging, morale crushing experiences of work. Any correlation between events shown and real-life have been personally rese
2007-06-05 lowmorale humor
LOW MORALE ::: Presents Radiohead Music Video - CREEP
Low Morale is a series of animations portraying one man's struggle to cope with the soul-sapping, will-to-live draining, life-force mugging, morale crushing experiences of work. Any correlation between events shown and real-life have been personally rese
2007-06-05 video music radiohead lowmorale
70 Expert Ideas For Better CSS Coding | Smashing Magazine
2007-06-05 css webdesign
Installing Beryl On An Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Desktop With An ATI Radeon Graphic Card | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials
2007-05-26 ati beryl linux radeon
BinaryDriverHowto/Fglrx lowpower - Community Ubuntu Documentation
2007-05-26 linux laptop fglrx driver ubuntu
BinaryDriverHowto/ATI - Community Ubuntu Documentation
2007-05-26 ati fglrx ubuntu linux drivers
An Emacs language mode creation tutorial
2007-05-25 emacs tutorial lisp
Random and Irrelevant - 2005/08/04/atom-for-blosxom
2007-05-24 blosxom rss atom feed
Norm Matloff's Text-Editor Web Page for Programming Students
2007-05-23 development programming vim
Norman Matloff's Debugging Tutorial Center
2007-05-23 programming debugging
An Extremely Quick and Simple Introduction to the Vi Text Editor
2007-05-23 vim
Tracks Community Wiki
2007-05-16 wiki tracks gtd
Tracks forum
2007-05-16 tracks gtd
Making your Ubuntu or Debian box Athena-ish
2007-05-16 ubuntu afs openafs
KDE Wiki : Performance Tips
2007-05-11 kde linux performance
Setting up OS X as a Scientific Programming Environment
2007-05-10 osx mac programming unix
Adobe Forums - GTK 2.10 breaks Reader
2007-05-08 issues linux acroread
Fill and save PDF forms with CABAReT Stage
2007-05-03 pdf
iKog - the simple todo list
2007-05-02 gtd python productivity opensource todo
Jeffrey J. Hayden - Integrated Chinese Supplementary Materials
2007-05-01 chinese language
Vertical Sun | Chinese Character of the Day
2007-04-30 chinese language
The Chinese Outpost | Language Learning, News, Culture, Quality Products
2007-04-30 chinese language mandarin
Learn Chinese Characters
2007-04-30 chinese dictionary language reference
BBC Languages - Real Chinese
2007-04-30 chinese language mandarin
Meld : Home Page
2007-04-18 diff programming text merge
Econ Compute Servers Status
2007-04-13 duke economics
GAUSS Archive, Gauss code, Gauss Links Jonathan B. Hill FIU
2007-03-28 gauss
MATLAB code for quantile regression
2007-03-28 econometrics matlab
a math-enabled wiki
2007-03-22 math wiki mathml econometrics mathematics statistics
Veerle's blog | A CSS styled table
2007-03-05 css tables webdesign
Bring on the tables | 456 Berea Street
2007-03-05 css tables webdesign
German patent information system (DEPATIS)
2007-03-01 patents data
Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt - Supply of raw data on IPR procedures
2007-03-01 data patents
United States Patent & Trademark Office | Portal
2007-03-01 patent data
Patent Full-Text and Full-Page Image Databases
2007-03-01 patent data
PIUG - Patent Information Users Group
2007-03-01 patents data
CIPO - Canadian Patents Database
2007-03-01 patents data
esp@cenet Home page
2007-03-01 patents data
The NBER U.S. Patent Citations Data File: Lessons, Insights, and Methodological Tools
2007-03-01 data patents
WikiPatents - Community Patent Review
2007-03-01 patents data
Site5 Affordable Web Hosting - Discount Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting
2007-03-01 hosting rubyonrails
Welcome - Bazaar Version Control
2007-02-21 development vc
Maruku: a Markdown-superset interpreter
2007-02-20 ruby markdown
LatexRender Plugin
2007-02-20 latex ruby rubyonrails mathematics
#3739 ([PATCH] fix for mysql autoreconnection for broken connection) - Ruby on Rails - Trac
2007-02-20 rubyonrails
DrBacchus' Journal: Rails and mysql timeouts
2007-02-20 rails mysql ruby rubyonrails
A Programmer’s Perspective » Multiple Database Rails Application
2007-02-19 rails ruby database
Open Source Software Research Wiki
2007-02-16 oss opensource data research statistics
Research Project on the Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) Development Phenomenon
2007-02-16 oss opensource research data statistics
2007-02-16 data opensource oss statistics
StatSVN - Repository Statistics - Introduction
2007-02-16 svn statistics
ruby-gsl is a wrapper of the GNU Scientific Library for the Ruby programming language.
2007-02-16 ruby gsl scientific-computing
Numerical Ruby
2007-02-16 ruby matrix array numerical scientific-computing
AirlineStat | Data and Tools for Airline Industry Researchers
AirlineStat provides free data and statistics for airline industry researchers.
2007-02-15 airlinestat airline data research statistics graphics graphs database db1b t100 airport aircraft
The Computer Language Shootout Benchmarks
2007-02-14 benchmark programming performance
RubyForge: Software Map: Scientific/Engineering
2007-02-14 scientific-computing ruby
PlotKit - Javascript Chart Plotting | liquidx
PlotKit is a Chart and Graph Plotting Library for Javascript.
2007-02-12 javascript graph chart
Mysql Connection Problems in Ruby on Rails
2007-02-12 rails mysql ruby
Packages and package options
Other Latex packages and options.
2007-02-10 latex Controller Inheritance in Rails
2007-02-09 rails ruby controller inheritance rubyonrails
Graphopt compilation fix
Fixing '/usr/include/libintl.h:40: error: expected unqualified-id before ‘const’'
2007-02-08 issues graph
This program optimizes graph layouts. That's pretty much it.
2007-02-08 graph graph_theory visualization graphviz linux
App level configuration for your Rails apps [rails] [rubyonrails] [yaml] [configuration] [config]
2007-02-07 rails yaml ruby rubyonrails
Scirus - for scientific information
2007-02-07 search research biblio
RubyForge: Citer: Project Info
Citer is a literature management system. Its main focus in on small teams that want to manage their literature references. It can import and export BibTeX to allow an integration into your normal publication process.
2007-02-07 ruby rails bibtex biblio
2007-02-07 ruby wiki rails rubyonrails research bibtex biblio
AJAX Activity indicators | Animated GIFs designed to indicate your site is doing something
2007-02-06 rails ruby rubyonrails ajax graphics webdesign
301 Redirects
2007-02-06 webdesign html
Paginate an already-fetched result set (i.e. collection or array) [ruby] [rails] [pagination]
2007-02-05 rails pagination ruby rubyonrails
Ruby Syntax Coloring For Your Blog Posts
2007-02-05 ruby syntax programming weblog
Rails Application Visualizer
2007-02-05 rails ruby rubyonrails visualization
RDoc Documentation
2007-02-05 ruby documentation api reference
Dragon Gate Menu - Durham, NC 27707: Duke University
2007-02-05 restaurant durham duke
Raaum's Rails Reader: Database Conventions
2007-02-03 rails rubyonrails
Soks enables collaborative online building of web pages. It is a wiki engine, written in the Ruby programming language.
2007-02-03 wiki ruby rubyonrails rails
Ruby on Rails Manual
2007-02-02 rails documentation manual ruby rubyonrails
Séb Box : Foreign key and rails migration
2007-02-01 rails migration foreignkey database rubyonrails
Ruse: RuseWiki
2007-02-01 wiki rails ruby
Open Web Design - Download Free Web Design Templates
2007-02-01 webdesign css opensource web
static website generator
2007-02-01 ruby web html webdesign
Welcome to AssetsGraphed - AssetsGraphed
2007-02-01 sparklines rails rubyonrails
TextDrive Weblog: Optimizing Rails Resource Usage
2007-02-01 rails ruby optimization performance rubyonrails
HowToPopulateYourDbFromScript in Ruby on Rails
2007-02-01 ruby rails database
How to download files with a Ruby script
2007-01-31 ruby
Sparklines Graphs for Ruby | Ruby on Rails for Newbies
2007-01-31 ruby sparklines rails rubyonrails graphics infovis
BioRuby project aims to implement an integrated environment for Bioinformatics with Ruby language.
2007-01-31 ruby bio library RRb (R from Ruby)
2007-01-31 statistics R ruby
Web site statistics in Ruby on Rails - Trac
2007-01-31 rails stats statistics ruby rubyonrails web
MySQL AB :: MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: 13.2.5 LOAD DATA INFILE Syntax
2007-01-31 csv mysql sql database
Rails Forum / Ruby on Rails Help and Discussion Forum / Importing CSV data into RoR?
2007-01-31 rails migrate csv
Import CSV File into Database Using Migrations - Rails Weenie
2007-01-31 rails migrate csv
2007-01-30 rails forum rubyonrails ruby
Society for Computational Economics, 13th International Conference on Computing in Economics and Finance Montréal, Quebec, Canada June 14 - 16, 2007
2007-01-30 economics conferences computational-econ
HowtoUseRailsWithSubversion in Ruby on Rails
2007-01-30 rails svn rubyonrails ruby
Ruby in Twenty Minutes
2007-01-30 ruby documentation
the { buckblogs :here }
2007-01-30 weblog rails
Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide
2007-01-29 ruby programming books
Ruby Forum - RForum
2007-01-29 ruby forum rforum
/home/dima :: Rails On Emacs (in english)
2007-01-29 emacs rails rubyonrails ruby
Rules of Data Normalization
2007-01-29 data mysql
Stevey's Home Page - Effective Emacs
10 Specific Ways to Improve Your Productivity With Emacs
2007-01-29 emacs productivity
The Ruby Programming Language > The Ruby Programming Language
By Yukihiro Matsumoto
2007-01-29 ruby
RForum - Ruby forum software
2007-01-29 ruby rforum forum
Irish Mum's Brown Bread - 101 Cookbooks
2007-01-29 recipes cooking bread
Template Toolkit Home Page
2007-01-28 perl programming web template
Simple Machines - Home of SMF: Free PHP and MySQL forum software
2007-01-26 bbs forum web mysql opensource
ForumMatrix - Compare Them All
2007-01-26 forum web
Get Vanilla!
2007-01-26 bbs forum opensource mysql
101 Cookbooks
2007-01-25 cooking recipes food
MIT Global Airline Industry Program
2007-01-24 airline
Latitude and Longitude formula
Formula and code for calculating distance based on two lat/lon locations
2007-01-23 math perl distance
Reason Magazine - Typing Errors
The standard typewriter keyboard is Exhibit A in the hottest new case against markets. But the evidence has been cooked.
2007-01-21 dvorak keyboard economics network
how to join two files using two columns as key []
2007-01-21 unix shell database
FAS Center: Merge files together (UNIX)
2007-01-21 perl database
Timing Trials, or, the Trials of Timing: Experiments with Scripting and User-Interface Languages
2007-01-20 awk perl benchmark
GNU screen: Backspace thinks it's delete - Ubuntu Forums
2007-01-19 screen issues
Computing.Net - Combine multiple files using awk
2007-01-19 awk
Awk - A Tutorial and Introduction - by Bruce Barnett
2007-01-18 awk unix shell reference tutorial
Parsing CSV
In this tutorial you will learn how to parse a simple CSV (comma separated values) file.
2007-01-18 csv perl
Taverna project website
2007-01-18 opensource science workflow
2007-01-18 data database gnome linux opensource perl programming
Perl/Python/Ruby Comparison
2007-01-18 perl ruby python
DBD::SQLite - Self Contained RDBMS in a DBI Driver -
2007-01-18 perl
Apophenia: a library of statistics functions
2007-01-17 statistics c math software gsl
2007-01-17 python programming math science opensource
Scilab Home Page
2007-01-17 math science scilab oss opensource
A Brief Guide to R for Beginners in Econometrics
2007-01-17 R econometrics statistics
Restructuring a SAS data set: from a child file to a mother file
2007-01-16 sas
Tiff format for archiving digital images and CD-R for backing up
2007-01-15 photography archive scan
GIMP - "Smart" Sharpening
2007-01-14 gimp graphics photography
Digital Darkroom Forum: Workflow for Color Negative scanning with Elite 5400 - comments?
2007-01-14 scan vuescan photography
Monitor calibration and gamma
2007-01-14 calibration photography gamma color graphics
EPSON V700 review
2007-01-14 scan film photo photography
Review: Nikon Coolscan V ED photographic film scanner
2007-01-13 nikon scan reviews
Epson Perfection 4990 PHOTO scanner experience report -
2007-01-12 photography
Stata Code Matched to SAS Code
2007-01-12 sas stata statistics programming
110 Slide / 35mm Negative Scanning -
2007-01-11 photography scan
Invoking SAS programs from within SAS programs []
Does anyone know if there is a way to invoke a SAS script from within another SAS script, possibly using some conditional logic?
2007-01-11 sas
SAS OnlineDoc 9.1.3 for the Web
2007-01-11 sas reference
The SAS Macro Facility
2007-01-11 sas macros
FreewareArena › News
2007-01-11 freeware
CDBurnerXP Pro - free burning solution | Home / News
2007-01-11 data windows freeware dvd
Getting a Linux shell on Windows - Cygwin & rxvt » eightpence - Phil Crosby
2007-01-10 cygwin
SAS FAQ: How do I read raw data files compressed with gzip (.gz files) in SAS?
2007-01-10 sas
Batch Scanning Tips
2007-01-10 photography scan
a Gtk2 Front End to MEncoder | Linux Journal
2007-01-09 dvd linux
RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Community Ubuntu Documentation
2007-01-09 linux grub recovery issues
IrfanView - Official Homepage - one of the most popular viewers worldwide
2007-01-08 photography freeware windows
Mapivi - Martin's Picture Viewer
2007-01-07 metadata EXIF photography iptc
2007-01-07 photography metadata EXIF
SitePoint Blogs » Ubuntu Add-Ons with PHP
2007-01-07 exif photography linux scripts gnome nautilus
Ross Burton
2007-01-07 exif nautilus linux photography
SitePoint Blogs » Open Source Image Archiving: Exif, IPTC, XMP and all that
2007-01-06 archive photography opensource XMP EXIF metadata
Scanning Basics 101 - All about digital images
2007-01-04 scan software photography photo
Disable Caps Lock :: Useful Stuff ::
2007-01-04 hack utilities keyboard
Scanning Slides, A Personal Story
2007-01-04 scan slides film gimp photography
2007-01-04 gimp photography photo linux
Sony eSupport - PCG-V505DX
2007-01-03 laptop sony vaio drivers windows
Main Page - jGnash
2007-01-03 finance accounting opensource windows linux java - The home of Burrrn and Mr QuestionMan
2007-01-03 audio dvd cd burn windows
Ext2 IFS For Windows
2007-01-03 ext2 windows linux filesystem drivers
GNU Linear Programming Kit (GLPK)
2006-12-18 gnu library mathematics math optimization lp
Linear Programming FAQ
2006-12-18 math mathematics optimization lp
Kaliber10000 { The Pixel Patterns Collection }
2006-12-14 webdesign patterns
[ GTL ] The Graph Template Library
2006-12-13 c++ libraries graphtheory
The Boost Graph Library
2006-12-13 c++ boost libraries graphtheory
Fortran 90 codes for Convex Network Optimization
2006-12-13 fortran fortran90 network scientific-computing
Internet Explorer 6, 5.5, 5 on Linux
2006-12-11 linux web software wine emulation
Ubuntu Beryl repository
2006-12-11 beryl linux ubuntu xgl
Winter Camping for Beginners
2006-12-11 camping hiking survival
2006-12-09 art design patterns
Howto: ATI Mobility Beryl/XGL FGLRX in Edgy - Ubuntu Forums
2006-12-08 edgy linux ubuntu xgl beryl
Install/Ubuntu/Edgy/XGL - Beryl Wiki
2006-12-08 ubuntu edgy xgl
2006-12-08 design icons
Xlib: extension "XFree86-DRI" missing on display ":0.0". - Ubuntu Forums
2006-12-08 edgy issues ati radeon linux
John Burkardt's Home Page
2006-12-04 programming research fortran scientific-computing
Fortran Library
2006-12-04 fortran programming
Econometric Software Links Econometrics Journal
2006-12-04 econometrics scientific-computing
GAMS : Guide to Available Mathematical Software
2006-12-04 library programming math scientific-computing fortran
ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software
2006-12-04 journals scientific-computing
Mathematica - Community Ubuntu Documentation
2006-12-04 mathematica ubuntu issues
Freely Available Software for Linear Algebra on the Web
2006-12-03 fortran math libraries scientific-computing
Intel(R) Fortran Compiler For Linux* User's Guide, Vol I
2006-12-02 fortran manual
2006-12-01 news newspaper
mathematica problem with XGL - Ubuntu Forums
2006-11-30 linux mathematica ubuntu issues
Getting (Some) Things Done: Yet Another GTD Moleskine Hack
2006-11-30 gtd moleskine productivity
How to rebuild a Li-Ion battery pack
2006-11-29 batteries laptop
Adorama Camera
2006-11-29 business camera photography
Laptops For Less
Laptop Batteries, AC adapters, iPod batteries, CD Roms, battery chargers for Compaq, Toshiba, IBM, Dell, Sony, Apple, and HP laptops, PDA, iPod, & digital camera accessories.
2006-11-28 batteries laptop shopping
Mp3 Music Download - MusicMp3.RU
2006-11-28 mp3 audio music
Welcome to Camera Works
2006-11-27 durham camera photography
Nikon Body/Lens Compatibility
2006-11-27 photography nikon lens
Nikon SLR Camera & Lens Compatibility Chart
2006-11-27 photography lenses
【伊達淳一のレンズが欲しいッ!】タムロン AF18-200mm F3.5-6.3 XR Di II
Comparison of Tamron 28-200mm and Sigma 28-200mm lenses.
2006-11-27 photography lenses
Common Errors in College Math
2006-11-16 math mathematics
Pricenoia - Get the best prices on books, the international way!
2006-11-16 amazon shopping consumption prices books
Интернет радио :: Доставка на дом.
2006-11-09 streaming radio
How to Make a Jedi Robe
2006-10-30 halloween costume
Re: How do you plot dashed lines?
2006-10-28 octave
Misc. Ubuntu packages
2006-10-24 fortran c++ ubuntu packages
HOWTO: Install Intel Fortran 9.0 - Ubuntu Forums
2006-10-23 ubuntu fortran95 intel linux amd64
HOWTO : install and use the open-afs client [dapper] - Ubuntu Forums
2006-10-19 afs linux ubuntu
PerlStalker's SysAdmin Notes and Tools : Logitech Marble Mouse and
2006-10-19 mouse hardware x11 linux config
Conkeror Wiki
2006-10-18 firefox emacs conkeror
Bill Clementson's Blog: Firefox for Emacs users
2006-10-18 firefox emacs
Conkeror is a mozilla based web browser designed to be completely keyboard driven, no compromises. It also strives to behave as much like Emacs as possible.
2006-10-18 emacs firefox
Linux Keyboard Shortcuts Database
2006-10-18 reference linux keyboard productivity
Hack Attack: Mouse-less Firefox - Lifehacker
2006-10-18 firefox ergonomics productivity keyboard
HOW TO: Use Both Dvorak and Qwerty - log in using either - Ubuntu Forums
2006-10-17 dvorak ubuntu
GALAHAD is a thread-safe library of Fortran 90 packages for solving nonlinear optimization problems. At present, the areas covered
2006-10-16 optimization fortran scientific-computing
Glass pendants and art by Catherine Boyd
2006-10-14 art jewelry gifts
GfortranBuild - GCC Wiki
Building common software with gfortran
2006-10-13 fortran gfortran
Creating Makefiles
An introduction to creating makefiles with examples for Fortran 95
2006-10-13 fortran95 fortran make
f90doc homepage
2006-10-13 fortran documentation comments programming
PORT Mathematical Subroutine Library
The PORT Mathematical Subroutine Library (third edition) is a collection of Fortran 77 routines that address many traditional areas of mathematical software, including approximation, ordinary and partial differential equations, linear algebra and eigensys
2006-10-10 fortran mathematics scientific-computing
2006-10-10 fortran programming mathematics scientific-computing
latex comments
2006-10-10 latex
Compact Fortran 95 Language Summary
2006-10-07 fortran fortran95 reference programming
Polyhedron Software, Fortran compilers/tools, Tecplot, Programming
2006-10-06 compiler benchmark fortran math
2006-10-06 web research bpl2002 perl
C1 East-West Schedule
2006-09-28 duke
2006-09-28 business banking credit
Economics Professor Causes Major Stink
Monrad Professor of Economics arrested for stealing town manure. The Harvard Crimson.
2006-09-28 economics news
Jason Rennie's list of useful information
2006-09-27 unix linux scientific-computing
passgen - a pronounceable password generator for Linux
2006-09-21 security
FatWallet Forums - 5% Reward Cards
2006-09-21 finance credit
Upromise - The Way to Save for College
2006-09-20 finance money college
SPEC - Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation
2006-09-18 hardware linux performance benchmark
Polyhedron Software, Fortran compilers/tools, Tecplot, Programming
2006-09-18 fortran software
2006-09-14 hack geek security news - Straight Razors - Safety Razors - Wet Shaving & Grooming Supplies
2006-09-11 shaving
How to get that perfect shave -
2006-09-11 shaving
Nashville KnifeShop
2006-09-11 shaving
A Cutthroat Business - MenEssentials
2006-09-11 shaving razor
Structural Analysis of Discrete Data and Econometric Applications
Charles F. Manski and Daniel L. McFadden, MIT Press, 1981.
2006-09-08 economics econometrics books
Spam-Fighting Tricks
Notes on using spamassassin with mutt.
2006-09-04 linux email spam
2006-09-03 gtd productivity
Citi Dividend American Express Credit Card
A good 5/1% cash back card
2006-08-29 credit business finance
Manifold Destiny [The New Yorker]
A legendary problem and the battle over who solved it.
2006-08-24 mathematics articles
Rue Cler : Restaurant & Bakery Cafe
2006-08-23 restaurant durham
Installing Adobe OpenType Fonts in LaTeX with the LCDF Typetools
2006-08-22 fonts latex linux typography tex
information aesthetics
2006-08-22 infovis data design graphs statistics visualization
Butter : Fresh tasting butter in your butter crock
2006-08-21 home cooking
misc.consumers.frugal-living FAQ
2006-08-21 money
Durham Farmers Market
2006-08-21 durham food
Frugal Corner
2006-08-21 frugal simplicity money budget
How to Make Bread ||
2006-08-21 bread recipes cooking
The Museum of Useful Things
2006-08-21 storage design productivity consumption
Personal and productive designs for home, work, and school.
2006-08-21 storage supplies consumption - Get anything you want for FREE!
2006-08-21 free
Welcome to TheBestFreebies
2006-08-21 free
Howto configure CUPS to print from another UBUNTU machine [Ubuntu Forums]
2006-08-20 issues linux ubuntu printing
The 13 Steps to Investing Foolishly []
2006-08-20 finance tmf
Virtual savings accounts for rainy day accounting
2006-08-20 finance gnucash
Bayes++ Bayesian Filtering
2006-08-17 c++ filtering bayesian scientific-computing
Homestead Harvest
2006-08-17 people weblog
CPPLapack Project Home Page
2006-08-17 c++ library lapack scientific-computing
CPS 296.2 - Computational Game Theory and Mechanism Design
2006-08-16 courses duke
Emacs multi-tty support
Allows opening multiple, different tty devices and simultaneous X (graphical) and tty frames from a single Emacs session.
2006-08-15 emacs
BlueCross BlueShield
2006-08-11 business insurance
fortune-mod Chuck Norris
2006-08-11 humor unix linux fortune
Chuck Norris Facts
2006-08-10 humor
Mersenne Twister Random Number Generator
2006-08-10 random scientific-computing c++
Packaging tips for unofficial Debian packages
2006-08-10 debian ubuntu packaging So You'd Like to... Find Some of the Best Overlooked Music of 2005
2006-08-09 music
XFCE: problem with font sizes [Ubuntu Forums]
2006-08-09 issues ubuntu firefox fonts linux
AMS Author FAQ
2006-08-09 latex mathematics
LaTeX Tips: Basics
2006-08-09 latex mathematics
2006-08-09 latex mathematics notation
Tabs versus Spaces
2006-08-07 text emacs programming geek
Viewable with Any Browser: Campaign
2006-08-03 html webdesign css
Valgrind Home
2006-08-03 c++ linux memory programming
2006-08-03 boost c++ scientific-computing
Boost C++ Libraries
2006-08-03 programming c++ boost software
C++ Optimization Strategies and Techniques
2006-08-02 c++ scientific-computing
Martin Thøgersens site: Numerical Methods
2006-07-31 math scientific-computing c c++
Numerical Methods for Physics: Programs
2006-07-31 c++ fortran scientific-computing
EconData.Net Home Page
2006-07-31 data economics
Economics data.
2006-07-31 data economics
U.S. Small Business Administration Data
Firm size data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.
2006-07-31 data economics
Simulated Annealing, Bill Goffe
2006-07-30 software simann scientific-computing fortran f77 Templates at
2006-07-30 cv links
C++ killed the get & set accessors
2006-07-29 c++
Building C/C++ libraries with Automake and Autoconf
2006-07-28 c++ gnu libraries
oon-list.archive: OON: Comparison between Fortran & C++
2006-07-28 c++ fortran scientific-computing
StatLib :: Data, Software and News from the Statistics Community
2006-07-28 statistics software math
Alan Miller's Fortran Software
2006-07-28 fortran math programming
Computational Economics
2006-07-26 economics computational conferences scientific-computing
Financial Numerical Recipes in C++
2006-07-24 c++ finance math programming
CD archiving in linux with cue and flac [Hydrogenaudio Forums]
2006-07-23 audio flac linux
U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics
2006-07-19 data traffic airline seqgame research
Computational Infrastructure for Operations Research Home Page (COIN-OR)
2006-07-18 optimization mathematics research software - Automatic Differentiation
Joint effort between Aachen and Argonne
2006-07-18 mathematics programming optimization
Andreas Jaeger - Re: Spurious differences between 32 and 64 bit mode numeric results
2006-07-15 amd64 scientific-computing c++ i386
Pioneer photo albums, scrapbooks, memory books, picture frames and photography supplies
2006-07-10 supplies photography products
Phone Trick
2006-07-07 cellphone humor mobile
Incorrect figure numbering in references (LaTeX bugs database)
Figure numbers are correct in the caption, but references to them in the text when within subsections in an article seem to be taking on the number of the subsection.
2006-07-07 latex issues
Gauss Basics
2006-07-06 gauss
Which programming language should I use?
2006-07-06 mathematics matlab c++ programming mathematica benchmarks
Comparison of mathematical programs for data analysis
Compares GAUSS, Matlab, Mathematica, MuPAD, O-Matrix, Ox, Scilab, and S-Plus.
2006-07-06 benchmarks programming mathematics
Lecture Notes for 18.125 Measure and Integration, Fall 2003 (MIT OpenCourseWare)
2006-07-05 notes mathematics analysis courses
Math 241: Real Analysis
A real analysis course by Greg Lawler at Duke
2006-06-29 courses mathematics analysis
ESWC 2005: Advances in Economics and Econometrics, Theory and Applications: Ninth World Congress of the Econometric Society
2006-06-27 econometrics es eswc articles economics
2006-06-26 prices economics search
Bug #40276 in acroread (Ubuntu): “Gnome Panel overlapps Adobe Reader (acroread) in fullscreen mode”
2006-06-21 issues ubuntu pdf gnome acroread
A Survey of Free Math Fonts for TeX and LaTeX
2006-06-20 latex math fonts
LaTeX and PDF: Effective scientific electronic publishing
2006-06-19 latex science pdf writing typography
GNU Emacs Color Theme Test
2006-06-19 emacs linux programming theme
The LaTeX Font Catalogue
2006-06-19 fonts latex reference
TeX Frequently Asked Questions
2006-06-19 latex tex reference
“It Took Me Years To Write”
2006-06-18 writing latex dissertation
General LaTeX tips and tricks
2006-06-18 latex reference writing dissertation
Adding arithmetic operator overloading to NRVec class - Numerical Recipes Forum
2006-06-14 scientific-computing c++ nr
Stephen Wolfram, A New Kind of Science (Bactra Review)
2006-06-13 math mathematics books reviews
The Fountain Pen Network : Community Forums
2006-06-12 pens forum writing
Fresh Pics
2006-06-12 humor photo
Diehard Battery of Test of Randomness
2006-06-12 rng scientific-computing mathematics statistics
2006-06-11 pens
2006-06-11 pens
Cleo Skribent
2006-06-11 pens
The Algorithm Design Manual
2006-06-08 software books math mathematics programming
The American Economic Review (JSTOR)
2006-06-08 journals economics
2006-06-08 journals economics
The Review of Economics and Statistics (JSTOR)
2006-06-08 journals economics
Nikon FM - Introduction
2006-05-26 photo photography nikon
X11R7 and what this transition means for you
A message to debian-devel announcing the end of /usr/X11R6/bin.
2006-05-08 debian ubuntu linux x11
HistoryShots - Information Graphics
2006-05-07 infovis history statistics art
ELinks: Web-browsing Made Fun
2006-05-07 elinks console
Hungarian lessons with puzzles, quizzes and sound files
2006-05-07 hungarian language
Study Hungarian! (
2006-05-07 hungarian language
Introduction to the Hungarian language
2006-05-07 hungarian language
Hungarian Language Page
2006-05-07 hungarian language
Hungarian Language Course
2006-05-07 hungarian language
Magyaróra - Learn Hungarian
2006-05-07 hungarian language
A Distant Learning Course on Discrete Choice Methods with Simulation (Kenneth Train)
2006-05-05 econ
PhD: Piled Higher and Deeper
2006-05-04 comics humor phd
ENG 503: Scientific Visualization and Information Architecture
2006-05-01 infovis design graphs visualization
MetroScenes - Professional Urban Imagery -
2006-04-30 photo urban photography
Common Errors in English
2006-04-29 language grammar writing english
Knowledge Problem
2006-04-28 academia economics weblog
Duke Economics Graduate Student Committee
2006-04-28 egsc economics phd duke
Coffeeshop Pink Floyd, Amsterdam
2006-04-23 coffeeshop amsterdam floyd
Cooking For Engineers
2006-04-23 food cooking recipes
Durham Restaurants
2006-04-22 durham food restaurant
Lingerie makes hagglers happy-go-lucky (news @
An empirical ultimatim game...
2006-04-21 economics
[emacs-wiki-discuss] Re: New To Emacs
How to edit as root in emacs
2006-04-21 emacs
one red paperclip
2006-04-20 humor
Emergency Boot CD Homepage
2006-04-20 recovery utilities
13.1. Making a high quality MPEG-4 ("DivX") rip of a DVD movie
2006-04-20 dvd rip video
Eye Care Associates
2006-04-18 business vision medical
Busted Tees
2006-04-18 humor
Internet Archive Search: smilefest 2004
2006-04-09 music trading tape audio
Version control for academic writing [The Efficient Academic]
2006-04-09 jrblevin Blevins
2006-04-09 trading tape shn music audio jrblevin
Internet Archive: Bookmarks (jrblevin)
2006-04-09 jrblevin music tape trading
RDF Site Summary 1.0 Modules: mod_cc
2006-04-09 rss copyright - The Trader's Database
2006-04-09 trading music audio roio shn
The rip Homepage
2006-04-06 audio rip music software linux console
xterm hacks
fullscreen patch for xterm
2006-04-06 xterm hack linux software console
The ELinks Manual
2006-04-06 elinks manual
Jim Breen's WWWJDIC
2006-04-04 japanese kanji language
How to Drink More Water Everyday
2006-04-03 nutrition
British Airways - Jet lag Advisor
2006-04-03 travel
Woot : One Day, One Deal
2006-04-03 consumption
Add song to playlist x function?
2006-04-03 mpd linux ncmpc jrblevin
TIP Using screen - Gentoo Linux Wiki
2006-04-03 linux screen
Power Sessions with Screen | Linux Journal
2006-04-03 screen linux
The Sysadmin's Secret Weapons
2006-04-03 admin linux
GNU Screen: an introduction and beginner's tutorial ||
2006-04-03 screen linux
Federal Trade Commission: Opt-Out
2006-03-30 privacy credit
WFO Raleigh, NC Text Weather Forecast
2006-03-30 weather durham raleigh
Console player with audioscrobbler support?
2006-03-30 linux music console jrblevin
Linksys Blue Box Router HOWTO
2006-03-30 linux linksys hack
console mpd client
2006-03-30 music linux console
Music Player Daemon
2006-03-30 music linux console
2006-03-29 ssh freeware windows network
The W3C Markup Validation Service
2006-03-28 html xhtml webdesign
The W3C CSS Validation Service
2006-03-28 css webdesign
2006-03-27 internet spam email
Cygwin on portable storage media
2006-03-27 unix windows portable
latex_render Blosxom v2 Plugin v1.0
2006-03-27 blosxom latex weblog
(Sender) Profiles with Mutt
2006-03-26 mutt email linux
Try out Google's new interface - Download Squad
2006-03-26 google
Nine things you can do to make your web site better []
2006-03-26 html search internet webdesign
HTML Author's Guide to the Robots META tag
2006-03-26 html webdesign search
EmacsWiki: CategoryBbdb
2006-03-25 bbdb
BBDB Filters
2006-03-25 bbdb
Terminus font
A pseudo-truetype version of the terminus font
2006-03-25 fonts programming
Home Page of Dimitar Zhekov
Author of the terminus font
2006-03-25 fonts programming
A version of putty that's hacked to store your settings in the working directory instead of the registry. Useful for USB flash drives.
2006-03-25 software windows portable
Re: Xterm ALT key
On a term, I can type \M-x using the ALT key, but in and Xterm it's not so, I have to hit ESC then x. The shell readline keys are also not working "right" with ALT. What will I have to do to get xterm to "do the right thing"?
2006-03-25 linux issues
Cannot recieve messages in xterm with write - Ubuntu Forums
2006-03-24 jrblevin ubuntu issues
Start Using GnuPG with Mutt
2006-03-24 gpg pgp mutt email privacy security encryption
Online Catalog: The Cathedral & the Bazaar
2006-03-24 opensource
Why We Fight
An Anti-Idiotarian Manifesto
2006-03-24 politics
The GNU Privacy Handbook
2006-03-23 gpg encryption privacy security pgp
GPG/PGP Basics
2006-03-23 gpg pgp privacy security encryption
Jargon File Resources
2006-03-23 hack internet jargon
Bug 335439 - Multiple songs added to queue in reverse order
2006-03-21 self
CashUtil - Command line GnuCash
2006-03-21 finance linux
Generating autoloads for multiple Emacs flavors
A temporary fix for a problem with bbdb and emacs-snapshot where bbdb-autoloads isn't being generated correctly.
2006-03-21 linux issues emacs bbdb ubuntu debian
Open Source Windows - Free, Open-Source software for Windows
2006-03-20 opensource software windows
FreeMind - free mind mapping software
2006-03-20 mindmap notetaking memory learning
Pauker - Flash Card Learning
Pauker is an open source flash card based, learning application written in Java using the leitner cardfile system.
2006-03-20 learning memory software vocabulary
Chaz's Bull City Records
2006-03-20 music durham : MATLAB/Mathematics
My centroid page just showed up on
2006-03-20 self
2006-03-19 wap cellphone mobile
Kannel: Open Source WAP and SMS Gateway
2006-03-19 cellphone sms wap
Qualcomm PureVoice Downloads
PureVoice Converter converts WAV to QCP
2006-03-19 cellphone linux audio
Secret menus, GPS for Samsung A670
2006-03-19 a670 gps hack cellphone
Matrix M
ringtones, mp3 to ringtone converter
2006-03-19 cellphone
samsung_a670 Yahoo Group
2006-03-19 a670 hack cellphone
Accessing your Samsung A670 phone via Data cable.
2006-03-19 a670 hack cellphone
Samsung SCH-a670 Forum
2006-03-19 a670 hack cellphone
Your Access to Free Credit Reports
2006-03-19 credit finance banking
Monitor and review your credit report for free once per year.
2006-03-19 banking finance credit
A-Z Lyrics Universe
Lyrics with only a few ads
2006-03-18 lyrics music
Dark Lyrics - metal lyrics archive
Lyrics without ads!
2006-03-18 music lyrics metal
SergeStinckwich Wiki: How To Make Latex Resume
2006-03-18 links
Internet Archive Wayback Machine:
2006-03-18 jrblevin
2006-03-17 audio mp3 music
Fravia's web-searching lore: Main entrance
2006-03-17 search internet
So sue me » SharpMusique
2006-03-17 linux copyright hack music itunes ipod
Church of the SubGenius
A Wikipedia article on this organization which satirizes religion, conspiracy theories, UFOs, and popular culture.
2006-03-17 religion subgenius
Audio FAQ - Doom9's Forum
2006-03-16 audio linux
Linux Audio/Video FAQ
2006-03-16 dvd audio linux video
Institute on Computational Economics
2006-03-16 econ
Easy Automated Snapshot-Style Backups with Linux and Rsync
2006-03-16 linux backup
CCI photographics
2006-03-16 photo durham
LinExDebs para la Libertad
2006-03-15 jrblevin links
Jimbo7 » Toshiba Satellite M30 - Debian Linux Guide
2006-03-15 jrblevin links
Gentoo Forums :: View topic - Alsa + nforce4 - not working and nothing helps
2006-03-15 jrblevin links
2006-03-15 linux hack cellphone
Pink Floyd RoIO Database
A database of Pink Floyd recordings.
2006-03-15 pinkfloyd music roio
All Pink Floyd Fan Network
2006-03-15 pinkfloyd music
Pink Floyd & Co.
2006-03-14 pinkfloyd music
Floydian Slip(tm) : The Pink Floyd Experience
2006-03-14 pinkfloyd music
Pink Floyd Roio Cover Scans
2006-03-14 pinkfloyd roio music bootleg
Echoes FTP Pink Floyd ROIO Server
2006-03-14 pinkfloyd music roio bootleg
Crazy D's Pink Floyd Bootleg Site
2006-03-14 pinkfloyd music bootleg roio
Firefox auto opens downloads? - Ubuntu Forums
2006-03-09 ubuntu issues blog » Blog Archive » Package Tracking With Google Maps
2006-03-08 consumption shipping
Debian GNU/Linux System Administration Resources
2006-03-07 debian linux security admin
Debian Administration :: Logging the right way
2006-03-07 debian linux security
BIOSTAR TForce6100 Socket 754 NVIDIA GeForce 6100 (sound and video) - nV News Forums
2006-03-06 linux hardware issues nvidia
default lock file to /var/lib/logcheck/logcheck - Ubuntu Forums
A fix for a bug on dapper where logcheck complains about not being able to find the lock file.
2006-03-05 ubuntu issues security
A collection of mid-1980's textfiles.
2006-03-02 history geek
BBS: The Documentary
2006-03-02 history internet network bbs geek
The Outline Of History - H. G. Wells
2006-03-01 history books
HowTo: Xgl + Compiz on AMD64 (Easy / Packages) - Ubuntu Forums
2006-02-28 ubuntu amd64 eyecandy
sarge in chroot
Problems running matlab in a 32-bit chroot environment on a 64-bit machine.
2006-02-28 matlab linux issues amd64
32-Bit Chroot How-To - Ubuntu Forums
2006-02-28 ubuntu linux amd64
The Debian GNU/Linux AMD64 HOW-TO
2006-02-28 debian amd64 linux
Debian GNU/Linux on AMD64 (Athlon64 3200+)
2006-02-28 amd64 linux
Index of /~pxt/lastfm
lastfm debian packages, including amd64.
2006-02-27 amd64 audio linux lastfm
Binflash - Universal firmware flasher for binary firmwares
Contains necflash, a linux flash program for NEC drives.
2006-02-27 dvd hardware linux firmware
dvdr read errors - Ubuntu Forums
2006-02-27 jrblevin ubuntu issues linux hardware
Linux wireless LAN support
2006-02-27 drivers linux hardware
ndiswrapper & amd64: hardware found but no interface
2006-02-27 jrblevin ubuntu issues linux amd64 drivers
NdisWrapper Wiki
2006-02-26 hardware linux drivers
CNET Bandwidth Meter Speed Test
2006-02-26 network broadband internet
Howto auto-load nvnet for eth0???? - Ubuntu Forums
2006-02-26 ubuntu issues
Firefox Tweak Guide
2006-02-26 firefox tweak
Linux nForce Driver - IA32
2006-02-26 nvidia linux
General - HOWTO: Latest NVIDIA drivers
2006-02-26 ubuntu amd64 nvidia
Linux on NForce 430 + GeForce 6150
2006-02-26 nvidia amd64 linux
Remote Destruction of Data
A Perl script that will delete all of your data in the event that your laptop is stolen.
2006-02-24 security perl
jrblevin's User Page -
2006-02-23 jrblevin
Linux MP3 HOWTO/ID3 Editing
2006-02-20 mp3 linux
The Wireless Music Player: Do-it-yourself remotely managed music player
2006-02-20 music mp3
MuttWiki: MuttFaq/Attachment
How to forward attachments in mutt
2006-02-17 mutt
ICE Homepage
Chicago-Argonne Institute on Computational Economics
2006-02-16 economics scientific-computing
Linux in Government: Optimizing Desktop Performance, Part I (Linux Journal)
2006-02-15 linux performance tweak
Diet Monger Ass Kicker nutrition software for GNU/Linux and Windows.
2006-02-12 nutrition linux software
Flight meta search engine.
2006-02-12 travel
Streaming music service with recommendations.
2006-02-11 music streaming mp3 audio bands
Slim Devices : Squeezebox
2006-02-11 mp3 audio music radio streaming
Linux/tips and tricks
2006-02-09 linux
Data Mining 101: Finding Subversives with Amazon Wishlists
"Vast deposits of personal information sit in databases across the internet."
2006-02-09 privacy
The R Project for Statistical Computing
Open source statistics software.
2006-02-08 R statistics math econometrics
Streaming music.
2006-02-06 music radio
ReactOS Homepage
2006-02-06 linux windows emulation
2006-02-06 news geek
Welcome to Okkervil River
2006-02-04 bands music
Making C and C++ functions callable from Fortran 77
2006-02-01 c c++ fortran
Mixed language programming using C++ and FORTRAN 77
2006-02-01 c++ fortran
Richard E. Quandt
Author of GQOPT Fortran optimization package
2006-01-31 fortran
GTD From a Grad Student Perspective
2006-01-31 gtd
BBDB helper Scripts
2006-01-27 bbdb emacs
Jakob's LaTeX tricks
2006-01-23 latex
Wasp Automotive
2006-01-21 auto
ZSComm Global
2006-01-21 callingcards
Luke Froeb
Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University. Merger analysis.
2006-01-18 research dissertation
anti-telemarketing EGBG counterscript
2006-01-16 humor telemarketing reference
User Notes on FORTRAN Programming
An open cooperative practical guide
2006-01-16 fortran
VisiBone Webmaster's Color Lab
2006-01-15 webdesign css
BHL mode : Plain text - HTML - LaTeX - ...
2006-01-15 emacs latex html
Re: Email in emacs
2006-01-15 mutt emacs
2006-01-15 mutt emacs
Mutt mailreader
2006-01-15 email linux mutt pgp
Programming in c++ Rules and Recommendations
2006-01-14 programming c++
CC Mode
2006-01-14 emacs linux programming
Numerical Recipes Public Domain Area
2006-01-14 c++ programming
Google: Durham Movie Showtimes
2006-01-14 film durham
Learning Mutt
2006-01-13 mutt
Top 10 Linux console applications
2006-01-13 linux
MuttWiki: MuttGuide
newbie guide for mutt
2006-01-13 email linux mutt
43 Folders Board
2006-01-13 gtd productivity
TIME Magazine
January 16, 2006 Vol. 167 No. 3
2006-01-13 productivity
Lifehacker, the Productivity and Software Guide
2006-01-13 productivity
How to Prevent a Hangover
2006-01-13 health beer
GCCWiki - GFortran
2006-01-12 fortran gnu
GNU Fortran 95
2006-01-12 fortran gnu
Fortran FAQ
2006-01-12 fortran - Do Burned CDs Have a Short Life Span?
2006-01-12 archive hardware media storage Associates Central
2006-01-10 amazon
Input: OpenOffice Calc sheet; Output: Table for LaTeX, ConTeXt, HTML, Docbook, CSV, etc.
2006-01-10 ooo perl
Keep Your Coffee Equipment Clean (
2006-01-10 coffee
Ubuntu Blog
2006-01-10 ubuntu weblog
Ubuntu Blog » Fixing my Alps Touchpad with the Synaptics Driver
2006-01-10 ubuntu linux issues
Open Port Check Tool
2006-01-10 network security
CollegeHumor Picture: A Jagerbomb, a Redheaded Slut, and a White Russian.
2006-01-10 kelly
Tea Time: Brewing a Tasty Cup of Tea
Brewing time and temperature for black and green teas
2006-01-10 tea
RestrictedFormats - Ubuntu Wiki
2006-01-10 ubuntu mp3 dvd linux
UNC Writing Center Handout | Dissertations
2006-01-09 writing dissertation
Ninth Wave Designs
Creative Notebooks and Journals: One Page at a Time
2006-01-09 weblog
NPR : 'Misirlou,' from Klezmer to Surf Guitar
2006-01-09 music radio npr
Frank Hecker, Blosxom : Extensionless URIs for Blosxom entries
2006-01-09 blosxom webdesign
The Unofficial Blosxom User Group
2006-01-08 blosxom weblog
2006-01-08 genpage webdesign
Uncle Joe's Cookhouse!
genpage recipes
2006-01-08 genpage webdesign
HTML and CSS Table Border Style Wizard
2006-01-08 css webdesign : CSS layout techniques : 3 columns, the holy grail
2006-01-08 css webdesign
Three Column Layouts - css-discuss
2006-01-08 css html webdesign
Antipixel | Blog | Steal These Buttons
2006-01-06 buttons html webdesign
blosxom :: the zen of blogging ::
2006-01-06 weblog html perl
MySQL Cheat Sheet
2006-01-05 mysql database
Org Mode Manual
2006-01-03 emacs productivity
forum/software/cups-pdf - Ubuntu Wiki
How to get cups-pdf working in Ubuntu
2006-01-02 linux issues ubuntu
geo-* - Linux tools for geocaching
2005-12-31 geocache gps linux
Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site
2005-12-30 geocache gps
Tenative how-to for speeding laptop bootup (Ubuntu breezy)
2005-12-17 ubuntu linux
The Torrent Jabberwalker
2005-12-16 torrent
Noodler's Ink
2005-12-16 writing pens ink
LinksysWrt54g - SeattleWireless
2005-12-16 hardware linux hack
HOW TO: Skype on Breezy w/o libqt3c102-mt [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums
2005-12-15 linux issues ubuntu
Census Bureau: Center for Economic Studies
Information about restricted access census data
2005-12-12 census data
Blitz-Support mailing page: [Blitz-support] Re: how to multiply matrix by matrix?
2005-12-12 blitz++
WinPT: Windows Privacy Tools - Easy installation and use of OpenPGP tools based on GnuPG
2005-12-11 gpg windows privacy
Eric Wolfram's Writing : How To : Set Up GPG Encryption on Windows
2005-12-11 gpg windows
2005-12-11 gpg windows
A Practical Introduction to GNU Privacy Guard in Windows []
2005-12-11 gpg windows privacy - Free computer books
2005-12-10 books programming
Dover Dual Language German-English Publications
2005-12-10 deutsch
Willy Hereman
2005-12-09 people
Robert E. Funderlic
2005-12-09 people
Moody T. Chu
2005-12-09 people
Ink comparison tests
2005-12-05 ink pens
PGP Global Directory
2005-12-03 pgp encryption privacy - InvertMatrix
Matrix Inversion via GSL
2005-12-03 gsl c++
Stroustrup: C++ Style and Technique FAQ
2005-12-02 c++
A History of the Fountain Pen
2005-12-02 pens
penspotters :: troubleshooting fountain pens
2005-12-02 pens
External Interfaces Reference
2005-12-01 reference matlab c c++
Blitz-Support mailing page: Re: [Blitz-support] Blitz and Matlab
How to treat an mxArray as a Blitz++ Array in a MEX file
2005-12-01 matlab c++ blitz++
Templates Tutorial Handouts
Includes a templated Matrix class.
2005-12-01 c++
The C++ Matrix class library page
2005-12-01 c++ matlab
Using C++ with Matlab
How to call Matlab functions from C++.
2005-12-01 matlab c++
Exporting/Importing Data To/From MATLAB
2005-12-01 matlab c++
How to use Chinese characters in Athena: (4) Install TrueType Fonts
How to use additonal X11 fonts with an AFS filesystem
2005-11-30 x11 fonts
NIST Course on C++ Programming for Scientists
2005-11-29 c++ scientific-computing
ProFont for Windows, for Macintosh, for Linux
2005-11-29 fonts
mASoN's linux dvd backup guide
DVD9/5 to DVD5 with Linux
2005-11-28 dvd linux
The QND-Guide to DVD Backup
2005-11-28 dvd linux
Computational Economics Resources
2005-11-22 economics c++
Scientific Computing with Free software on GNU/Linux HOWTO
2005-11-22 c++ linux mathematics
Blitz++ Home Page
2005-11-22 c++
John Rust's website
2005-11-20 econometrics economics people
Levenger coupons and promotional codes
2005-11-15 discounts
How-To's for Studying
Modified PQ4R method
2005-11-13 learning notetaking reading studying
Airline Ticket Consolidators and Bucket Shops FAQ
2005-11-11 travel airline
Econometrica (JSTOR)
2005-11-10 journals economics
Letter writing - Wikibooks
2005-11-10 writing english
Quarterly Journal of Economics (QJE)
2005-11-09 journals economics
Journal of Political Economy
2005-11-09 journals economics
UNC: Economics 276
2005-11-09 courses econometrics
unregelmäßige deutsche Verben
2005-11-08 deutsch
The Portable Freeware Collection
2005-11-08 software freeware windows
Slate Magazine
2005-11-08 news magazines
cb2Bib: Overview
2005-11-07 biblio bibtex linux
Schedule of Courses
2005-11-03 duke
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
2005-11-03 humor religion
A free online service to organise your academic papers
2005-11-01 articles bibtex biblio journals library
Laptop Mode for Linux 2.6
2005-11-01 linux kernel laptop
The Broad Street Cafe
1116 Broad Street, Durham, NC
2005-11-01 durham cafe
hotplug for Debian
NET_AGENT_POLICY description
2005-10-30 debian ubuntu linux issues
STA215 Syllabus
2005-10-28 courses duke
STA 205 Syllabus
2005-10-28 duke courses
Wilbert van der Klaauw Homepage (UNC)
Econometrics 276
2005-10-28 econometrics courses
Mathematica issue hasn't been fixed - Ubuntu Forums
2005-10-27 mathematica ubuntu issues
Prelinking Guide- Make Ubuntu Feel Faster - Ubuntu Forums
2005-10-27 ubuntu
Inverse search with xdvi
2005-10-22 emacs latex
Finding the right reference/bibliographic tool |
2005-10-20 biblio bibtex latex
A2 Web Hosting : Home : PHP 5 Hosting, MySQL 4.1 Hosting, Postgres/PostgreSQL 8 Hosting, Ruby on Rails, Linux cPanel Hosting
2005-10-20 hosting
No volume control icon (gnome mixer applet) - Ubuntu Forums
2005-10-20 jrblevin ubuntu
Thomas Sayre
2005-10-13 art sculpture
Online Course Synopsis Handbook
2005-10-08 duke
Listmania! Graduate Probability Books
2005-10-03 books probability
Matlab technical report 1.1 Running MATLAB in the Background Under UNIX
2005-10-02 matlab
Stuwwelpeter (Heinrich Hoffmann)
Deutsch - English
2005-09-30 deutsch
Max und Moritz
Deutsch - English
2005-09-30 deutsch
C++ classes for MCMC analysis
2005-09-28 econometrics
Econ Computing Support (New Infrastructure)
2005-09-28 duke economics
2005-09-27 deutsch bands metal Musik im Internet
2005-09-27 deutsch radio mp3 music - Handbook of Econometrics
2005-09-26 economics books
Duke University Museum of Art
2005-09-26 duke art
DAAD: Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst
2005-09-26 deutsch fellowships germany phd
Intercollegiate Studies Institute - Programs - ISI Fall 2005 Leadership Conference (Hayek)
2005-09-26 economics conferences
Ubuntu Forums - Mathematica Problems in Breezy
2005-09-22 jrblevin linux mathematica
Introduction to Unicode - using Unicode in Linux
2005-09-20 linux
The MathWorks - 1-1ATCE: Why do I receive an error about GLIBC_2.0 not being defined when I try to start MATLAB on a Red Hat 9 machine?
2005-09-20 matlab issues
Ganglia Cluster Toolkit:: Cluster Report
2005-09-19 duke
Gallant: Computational Economics and Econometrics
2005-09-17 duke economics c++ econometrics computational-economics
C++ language tutorial
2005-09-17 c++
YoLinux Tutorial: C++ Coding Style, Standards and Practices
2005-09-17 c++
C FAQ Index
2005-09-17 c
C++ Coding Standard
2005-09-17 c++ - Link Exchange for the Technical Computing Community
2005-09-17 c++ matlab programming
GNU C++ Standard Library Style Guidelines
2005-09-17 c++
Editors Sucks-Rules-O-Meter
2005-09-15 emacs vi text
Optimal Use of Fonts on Linux
2005-09-13 linux fonts
Common Errors in English
2005-09-12 english language
FAQ: Chow tests
2005-09-11 econometrics stata economics
Econometrics Toolbox for MATLAB
2005-09-08 economics econometrics matlab
hAx0r sHiAt
2005-09-07 hack humor
Aviv Nevo's Home Page
2005-09-07 econ
Internet Archive Forums: accessing a site that has had a URL change
2005-09-07 jrblevin
43 Folders: Hack your way out of writer's block
2005-09-07 writing weblog
Imagination Prompt Generator: Writing Inspiration at the Press of a Button
2005-09-07 writing
Cult Pens
2005-09-07 supplies
Applied Microeconometrics Lunch Group
2005-09-06 duke
Herbsttag - Rilke
2005-09-05 deutsch gedichte
PocketMod: The Free Disposable Personal Organizer
2005-09-04 gtd
Economic Journal Ranking
2005-09-04 economics journals
William H. Rehnquist, Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Is Dead at 80 - New York Times
2005-09-04 news nytimes
Getting started with encryption: An Introduction to PGP
2005-09-04 pgp
Introduction to PGP
2005-09-04 pgp
PGP Corporation - Home Page
2005-09-04 pgp encryption privacy
Kelly McNeil
2005-09-03 kelly weblog
The Efficient Academic: Reading journal articles
2005-09-01 academia reading learning jrblevin
EconLog: Library of Economics and Liberty
2005-09-01 economics weblog
Environmental and Urban Economics
2005-09-01 urban economics weblog
Marginal Revolution
2005-09-01 economics weblog
Portland Pattern Repository: Front Page
2005-09-01 learning
How To Take Notes In Class
2005-09-01 notetaking learning
Duke Screen/Society
2005-09-01 duke film
Re: [Evolution] filtering junk mail
2005-09-01 evolution
[Evolution] filtering junk mail
2005-09-01 evolution
JSTOR: Journal of Economic Literature (JEL)
2005-08-31 economics journals
German Punctuation (2)
2005-08-30 deutsch
2005-08-30 duke
Login Form for Faculty Database
2005-08-29 duke
ECON 389
Empirical Methods in Industrial Organization. Duke, Fall 2005.
2005-08-29 courses duke
How to Review a Beer - Beer Advocate .com
2005-08-28 beer
To Taste Beer - Beer Advocate .com
2005-08-28 How
2005-08-28 beer breweries
Bug 114736 - emacs other-frame command doesn't work
Fix for problem of C-x 5 o not properly switching frames in Emacs
2005-08-28 emacs ubuntu linux bugs issues
Help On BibTeX Entry types
2005-08-26 bibtex biblio
2005-08-26 bibtex biblio
BibNet - Suggested BibTeX standards and tips
2005-08-26 biblio bibtex
Open bibliographic and cataloging standards and software
2005-08-25 biblio
Internet Citation Guides Organized by Style, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Memorial Library
2005-08-25 biblio
Strunk, William, Jr. 1918. The Elements of Style
2005-08-25 books english reference writing language
Citation Style Guides for Internet and Electronic Sources, University of Alberta Libraries
2005-08-25 biblio
Guidelines for Citing Referenced Material
2005-08-25 biblio
alb Corpus - HowToReferenceElectronicMedia
2005-08-25 biblio
How do I document sources from the Web in my works-cited list?
2005-08-25 biblio
Using BibTex
2005-08-25 bibtex biblio
2005-08-25 bibtex biblio
Bibliography Software
2005-08-25 biblio bibtex
Biblook/bibindex 2.9
2005-08-25 bibtex biblio
Using BibTex
2005-08-25 bibtex biblio
JabRef: Java GUI for managing BibTeX and other bibliographies
2005-08-25 bibtex latex
Bibliography (BibTeX) Tools
2005-08-25 bibtex latex
Geostat Center: Collections: Historical Census Browser
2005-08-25 census 50mil data
Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy: A pair of policy experts joins the Institute
Jacob and Elizabeth Vigdor
2005-08-24 duke 50mil
Cleaver Smith & Swenson - ItstheMusic Productions Homepage
2005-08-24 music durham raleigh
Daniel Alberto Cañas - Masters Thesis - NCSU
2005-08-24 centroid
Sony eSupport - PCG-V505DX
2005-08-24 laptop sony support
Mitlesen Mitteilen
2005-08-24 deutsch courses duke
The Weeping Radish Bavarian Restaurant and Brewery
2005-08-24 restaurant nc outerbanks beer
Academic Calendar 2006-07
2005-08-23 duke
Academic Calendars
Duke University Academic Calendars
2005-08-23 duke
Combining PDFs in Linux
2005-08-18 pdf linux
Peet's Coffee & Tea
2005-08-18 tea coffee cafe
Germany's election (The Economist)
2005-08-18 economist
FTOTINC Description (IPUMS)
2005-08-18 50mil
st: histogram (Stata List)
A thread about restricting the domain of a Stata histogram while using the full 100% data in calculating the percentages.
2005-08-18 stata 50mil
Howto: install Windows in Ubuntu Hoary for free (Ubuntu Forums)
2005-08-18 ubuntu windows emulation linux
Smart Commute
2005-08-17 durham auto transit
Couros Blog
2005-08-17 academia weblog
Lanny on Learning Technology
2005-08-17 academia learning weblog
Google Groups : The Efficient Academic
2005-08-17 gtd academia research
Carolina Theatre
2005-08-17 durham movies
Recording streaming audio with MPlayer | GRIMTHING.COM
2005-08-17 mp3 linux streaming
Recording RealAudio Streams to MP3
2005-08-17 streaming mp3
WBUR - Boston's NPR News Website
2005-08-17 boston npr radio
American Tobacco Historic District
2005-08-17 durham
IIE: Fulbright
2005-08-15 fulbright duke fellowships
Humanities & Social Science Fellowships and Grants for Graduate and Professional Students
2005-08-15 duke fellowships
Fulbright Grants
2005-08-15 duke fellowships
Nana's Restaurant
2005-08-15 restaurant durham >> LaTeX >> Multiple Footnote References
2005-08-15 latex
Guglhupf Bakery & Pâtisserie - Home
2005-08-12 cafe bakery durham - PyMusique
2005-08-11 linux itunes
decrypt iTunes and iPod music / unprotect AAC files (m4p -->; m4a)
2005-08-11 copyright linux ipod itunes
Arts & Business Coalition of Downtown :: Durham NC :: ABCD
2005-08-11 durham
So sue me
2005-08-11 copyright hack weblog
The glider: an Appropriate Hacker Emblem
2005-08-11 hack geek
SAS FAQ: How do I write out a file that uses commas, tabs or spaces as delimiters to separate variables in SAS version 8?
2005-08-10 sas
OneLook Reverse Dictionary
2005-08-09 reference english
PROC SORT for Beginners
2005-08-08 sas
SAS-L archives: How to sum a column?
2005-08-08 sas
What are some of the most common SAS procedures and how can I learn to use them?
2005-08-08 sas
Duke Textbook Store
2005-08-08 duke
Varsity Ale House
2005-08-06 durham restaurant
Innovative Wine
2005-08-06 wine beer homebrew raleigh durham
Flying Saucer
2005-08-06 beer raleigh pub
Tyler's Taproom and The Speakeasy
2005-08-06 restaurant carboro durham pub
2005-08-06 beer
The Line Number Pointer (#) in SAS Input Statements
2005-08-05 sas
Getting Started with SAS 8.0 for Windows (IU)
2005-08-05 sas Centrifugal forces (20050714)
2005-08-05 economist
Ubuntu - Linux for Human Beings
2005-08-04 ubuntu
How can I sort search plugins alphabetically, etc (The Extensions Mirror)
2005-08-04 firefox
ESS : Emacs Speaks Statistics
2005-08-04 emacs sas
Posture for a Healthy Back
2005-08-04 ergonomics posture back
Resources to help you learn and use SAS (UCLA)
2005-08-04 sas reference
SAS Learning Module: Inputting data into SAS (UCLA)
2005-08-04 sas
World Beer Festival
2005-08-04 beer durham
All About Beer Magazine
2005-08-04 beer
WUNC MemberCard
2005-08-04 radio npr discounts
Not Just Paper
2005-08-03 durham supplies
SAS OnlineDoc, V8
2005-08-03 sas
Dave Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections
2005-08-03 50mil data
Greenshields Brewery & Pub
2005-08-03 pub restaurant raleigh
Down Under Pub
2005-08-03 pub durham
Brickskeller Brews and News
2005-08-03 beer washington
TRUB :: TRiangle Unabashed homeBrewers
2005-08-03 beer durham brewing
Duke Econ Cluster (simon)
2005-08-03 duke economics
Trinity Park Neighborhood
2005-08-02 durham
NC State Alumni Association
2005-08-01 ncsu alumni
Historic Preservation Society of Durham, North Carolina
2005-08-01 durham
Pops - A Durham Trattoria
2005-08-01 durham restaurant
Cinelli Ristorante - Durham, NC
2005-08-01 durham restaurant delivery
Mad Hatter's Cafe and Bakery
2005-08-01 durham cafe restaurant
2005-08-01 durham restaurant
Google Language Tools
2005-08-01 reference language
Google SMS
2005-08-01 sms google mobile
Whitehart Theme For Firefox
2005-08-01 firefox themes
Pimp my Firefox (
2005-08-01 firefox
Historical Census Statistics on Population Totals By Race, 1790 to 1990, and By Hispanic Origin, 1970 to 1990, For The United States, Regions, Divisions, and States
2005-08-01 50mil census
Durham County Board of Elections
2005-07-31 durham gov
REI Membership
Change address, request new card, etc.
2005-07-30 rei
AskOxford: Letter Writing
2005-07-28 english letters writing
Fowler's Food & Wine
2005-07-26 durham restaurant cafe
Blue Corn Cafe & Tosca Ristorante
2005-07-26 durham restaurant
The Chronicle Online
2005-07-25 duke newspaper
ICPSR 7736: County and City Data Book [United States] Consolidated File: County Data, 1944-1977
2005-07-25 50mil
Oxford English Dictionary
2005-07-25 english language reference
NCSU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (PAMS)
2005-07-25 ncsu
IPUMS: Integrated Public Use Microdata Series
2005-07-25 50mil data
James Joyce Irish Pub Restaurant
2005-07-24 durham pub restaurant
Another Thyme
2005-07-24 durham restaurant
Guide to Historical Population and Housing Census Statistics and Maps for Small Area Geography: 1910 - 1990 (Reference, Davis Library, UNC)
2005-07-22 census 50mil
Guide to Available Census Microdata
2005-07-22 50mil data census
Regression with Stata Webcourse: Annotated Simple Linear Regression
2005-07-21 stata
What are the traveling folders? (Public Forums: Getting Things Done)
2005-07-20 gtd
FullRecall - effective memorization tool
2005-07-20 learning memory software
Allenton Management
2005-07-19 durham realty watts
Generic LDAP Client Setup (Duke OIT)
2005-07-19 duke
RFC 1855: Netiquette Guidelines
2005-07-19 email netiquette
HTML Email: Whenever Possible, Turn It Off!
2005-07-19 email html
FAQ: Of proper quoting
2005-07-19 email writing usenet
Mindzilla :: Search Plugin Validator
2005-07-18 firefox - mycroft: index
2005-07-18 firefox - free ISBN database
2005-07-18 books reference library
Citation Style for Information on the Census Bureau Internet Site
2005-07-18 50mil
Census 2000 Gateway
2005-07-18 data 50mil
Javier Garcia Cicco - Duke University
2005-07-15 economics people
Latex cheat sheet
2005-07-15 latex
free quick reference cards
2005-07-15 reference linux emacs latex
[LinuxBrit] - rsjog
2005-07-15 linux vaio
NCSU Address, Email, and Phone Number Change Form
Registration and Records
2005-07-14 ncsu
Kuroki Goishi Co.,Ltd.
2005-07-14 go
Durham Bulls Baseball Club
2005-07-14 durham baseball
Wired News: GTD: A New Cult for the Info Age
2005-07-14 gtd wired articles
NHGIS: Citation and Use of NHGIS Data
2005-07-14 50mil
National Historical Geographic Information System
2005-07-14 50mil data
The Federal - Durham NC
2005-07-13 durham
Talk of The Town
2005-07-13 durham
Alaska: Changes to Boroughs and Census Areas
2005-07-13 50mil
Party Codes Page
ICPSR Party Code List
2005-07-13 50mil
GNU Emacs Reference Card
2005-07-12 emacs
Introduction to SAS Programming
2005-07-12 50mil sas
Introduction to SAS
University of Washington. Ta Liu & Jaechul Chang.
2005-07-12 sas
Introduction to Using SAS on UNIX
Rice University
2005-07-12 sas
An Advanced Introduction To SAS
U Texas
2005-07-12 sas
Book Locations by Call Number and Stacks in Perkins and Lilly, Duke University
2005-07-12 duke
Ubuntu packages
2005-07-12 ubuntu
How do I use a SAS setup file to interpret ASCII data?
2005-07-12 50mil sas
General Election Data for the United States, 1950-1990
2005-07-12 50mil
Electoral Data for Counties in the United States: Presidential and Congressional Races, 1840-1972
2005-07-12 50mil
Duke East-West Bus Schedule (Summer 05)
2005-07-12 duke
Socio-Economic Environmental Demographic Information System (SEEDIS)
2005-07-11 data 50mil
UC Berkeley Census Rescue Project
2005-07-11 data 50mil
AUC TEX Reference Card
2005-07-11 latex
ICPSR: Studies in the Census of Population and housing, 1960 [united states] series
2005-07-11 50mil
IGS The Internet Go Server
2005-07-08 go
Duke Data Services
County and City Databooks
2005-07-07 data duke 50mil
FAQ: Reading fixed-format data with infile
2005-07-07 50mil stata
Duke Data Services
2005-07-07 data duke
Go Game Store
2005-07-07 go
ICPSR 1980 Census Series
2005-07-07 50mil
ICPSR: Census of Population and Housing, 1980 [United States] Series
2005-07-07 50mil
Pikkety and Saez: Income Inequality in the United States, 1913-1998 (series updated to 2000 available)
2005-07-07 50mil data
Ishi Press International Gaming Supplies for Go, Shogi, Chinese Chess and Mah Jong
2005-07-04 go
2005-07-01 go
The Independent Weekly: The Gospel as preached on North Duke Street
2005-07-01 durham
Go Books (Sensei's Library)
2005-07-01 go books
Go Bibliography
2005-07-01 go books
English-Japanese Go Dictionary
2005-07-01 go japanese english
Webolodeon (Oblomovka)
2005-07-01 firefox productivity
Alltel Text Messaging (Basic)
2005-07-01 sms
Alltel Text Messaging
2005-07-01 sms
Journal of Urban Economics (ScienceDirect)
2005-07-01 economics urban
Census of Population and Housing, 2000 [United States]: Summary File 1, States
2005-06-30 50mil
U.S. presidential election, 2000 (Wikipedia)
Bush - Gore
2005-06-30 50mil
U.S. presidential election, 1960 (Wikipedia)
Kennedy - Nixon
2005-06-30 50mil politics
U.S. presidential election, 1980 (Wikipedia)
2005-06-30 50mil politics
ICPSR Front Page
2005-06-30 economics data research 50mil
Jacob L. Vigdor
2005-06-30 duke economics people 50mil
Animated Otto Four Stroke Engine
2005-06-28 auto
Durham, NC - City of Medicine
2005-06-22 durham
Visual Education
2005-06-22 learning language
Pop the Cap!
2005-06-22 beer politics nc
Durham Police Department
2005-06-22 durham
How to improve at go (David A. Mechner)
2005-06-22 go
The Triangle Go Group
2005-06-22 go raleigh durham
Wolf Go Club
2005-06-22 go ncsu
Archival Grid Paper (2 Small Pads, 8.5x11, 1/2-1/4" grid) (Edward Tufte, $10)
2005-06-22 products
North Carolina Department of Insurance Home Page
2005-06-22 nc gov insurance | Join the BEER Revolution!
2005-06-20 beer
2005-06-20 supplies
Nolan H Miller: Notes on Microeconomic Theory
2005-06-13 micro economics
2005-06-12 productivity gtd consumption
STATE OF THE ART; Speakers That Cut The Cables
2005-06-08 nytimes reviews
EventGuide Boston: Annual Events Overview
2005-06-07 boston
2005-06-05 library
2005-06-05 coffee tea durham cafe
In Pursuit of Tea
2005-06-05 tea teavendors consumption
2005-06-05 cafe
Tea, Loose Leaf Teas of Exceptional Quality from In Pursuit of Tea
2005-06-05 tea teavendors consumption
English Tea Store
2005-06-05 tea consumption teavendors
A Nice Cup of Tea by George Orwell
2005-06-05 tea
Ubuntu Forums - How to enable MP3 in Sound Juicer 2.10.0
2005-06-05 linux ubuntu
Lecture Notes of William Chen
2005-06-05 math
North Carolina Public Radio - WUNC
2005-06-03 npr radio
Duke Econ
2005-06-03 economics duke
WXDU Durham, 88.7 fm
2005-06-03 radio duke
No S Diet: No snacks, sweets, seconds, except on days that start with S.
2005-06-03 health nutrition
The Hacker's Diet
2005-06-03 nutrition health
The Unofficial Gmail FAQ
2005-06-02 gmail google
Ljungqvist and Sargent: Recursive Macroeconomic Theory
2005-06-02 economics macro books
Exercises in Recursive Macroeconomic Theory
2005-06-02 macro economics solutions
Duke University Libraries
2005-06-02 duke
New Urbanism in Denver - New York Times
2005-06-01 urban nytimes
Sage: a feed reader for Firefox
2005-06-01 firefox - adblock
2005-06-01 firefox - delicious
2005-06-01 firefox
The Alumni Insurance Program (NCSU)
2005-05-31 insurance business
Verizon Wireless
2005-05-31 mobile business Durham, NC 27705
2005-05-31 weather
Durham Forecast
2005-05-31 weather
Ben's Bargains
2005-05-31 consumption prices
2005-05-31 insurance business
2005-05-31 consumption auction business
2005-05-31 banking finance business
Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters
2005-05-31 news
Mentat Wiki - Recent Changes
2005-05-31 memory learning
2005-05-31 phd economics
2005-05-31 phd economics
2005-05-31 consumption business
2005-05-31 news
The New York Times
2005-05-31 news newspaper nytimes
2005-05-31 economist news newspaper
Bank of America
2005-05-31 banking business
MBNA Net Access
2005-05-31 banking business
Class Matters - Social Class in the United States of America - The New York Times
2005-05-28 nytimes
How to Get More Done in Less Time by Steve Pavlina
2005-05-28 productivity
Structured Procrastination
2005-05-28 productivity
Overcoming Procrastination
2005-05-28 productivity gtd
Mark Taw: Getting Back to Work
2005-05-28 productivity gtd
Procrastination, How to stop Procrastinating
2005-05-28 productivity gtd
Procrastination - 43FoldersWiki
2005-05-28 productivity gtd
50 Strategies for Making Yourself Work
2005-05-26 productivity » Free Online Graph / Grid / Templates PDF
2005-05-26 templates
Commute Solutions
2005-05-25 traffic transit With no excuses, Taylor just runs
2005-05-25 newspaper heraldsun duke
Sensei's Library: Front Page
2005-05-23 go
The Way to Go
2005-05-20 go
Welcome to the American Go Association
2005-05-19 go
2005-05-18 finance linux software
2005-05-17 deutsch nachrichten
Coffee: Resources for home espresso
2005-05-17 coffee
BBC - h2g2 - Moleskine Notebooks - A1113346
2005-05-13 moleskine
German Manners
2005-05-12 deutsch
Student registration, records, financial aid, etc.
2005-05-09 duke
Public Forums: Getting Things Done
2005-05-06 gtd productivity
43 Folders
Time, attention, and creative work.
2005-05-06 gtd
PDF Writing Tips sheet
2005-04-28 writing
When do people learn languages?
2005-04-27 language learning linguistics
LEO Deutsch-Englisches Wörterbuch
Ein Online-Service, begründet von der Rechnerbetriebsgruppe der Fakultät für Informatik der Technischen Universität München.
2005-04-27 deutsch english language reference
Health Insurance Quotes & Medical Insurance Plans Online - eHealthInsurance
2005-04-27 insurance
HTH Students - Home
2005-04-26 insurance
TOM BIHN = Laptop Bags + Laptop Backpacks + Laptop Cases
2005-04-26 consumption
It's not a purse! (2nd Edition)
2005-04-26 consumption
BashPodder - the best podcatcher
2005-04-24 podcast software linux
Podcast Wiki - Hauptseite
2005-04-24 podcast deutsch - Das deutsche Podcasting und Podcast Portal
2005-04-24 deutsch podcast
Podcast Podcasting Podcaster Podcasten - - Das deutschsprachige Podcast-Portal - mit Podcasting-Verzeichnis, allen Podcasts in Deutschland
2005-04-24 deutsch podcast radio
Inforadio - Aus der Hauptstadt für Berlin und Brandenburg |
2005-04-24 deutsch radio
2005-04-24 deutsch radio
Mind Tools - Memory Techniques - Learning Foreign Languages
2005-04-23 memory language
"How to Develop A Super-Power Memory" by Harry Lorayne
2005-04-22 books memory
Unofficial Ubuntu 5.04 Starter Guide
2005-04-22 ubuntu
How I learned French in One Year
2005-04-22 language memory
Be A Genius*: Main Directory
2005-04-22 memory
Memory Master Main Menu
2005-04-22 memory
Astonishment Site: Memory Course
2005-04-22 memory
Accelerated Learning - Michael Tipper - Index - Project HappyChild
2005-04-22 memory learning
Ohrenkneifer - Das Deutschrock Radio und Newcomer Magazin
2005-04-21 radio deutsch
Deutsche Grammatik, Online Wörterbuch zur Rechtschreibung, Flexion und Wortbildung für die Sprache Deutsch.
2005-04-21 deutsch language reference
German Wikibook
2005-04-21 deutsch books language
alt.self-improve FAQ
2005-04-20 memory reading learning productivity
Mnemisis Home Page
2005-04-20 software memory
Word power; dictionary use.
2005-04-20 vocabulary learning memory language
FrontPage - Mentat Wiki
2005-04-19 memory productivity learning
Martin Ramsch - iso8859-1 table
2005-04-18 html
IMF Balance of Payments Statistics (BOPS)
2005-04-18 data economics
IMF International Financial Statistics (IFS)
2005-04-18 data economics
Duke U. Perkins Library Public Docs and Maps - Data
2005-04-18 data duke
Listmania! Grad Student Survival Handbooks
2005-04-18 academia productivity writing
2005-04-16 deutsch
Basic Scientific Vocabulary
2005-04-16 deutsch
2005-04-16 deutsch
German Words that Express Concepts for which English Lacks Suitable Words
2005-04-16 deutsch
2005-04-16 language english deutsch
Frequent German Words
2005-04-16 deutsch
Acronym Finder: Find out what over 407,000 acronyms & abbreviations stand for
2005-04-15 memory learning
[Dulug] ePrint
2005-04-14 linux printing duke
Linux at Princeton
2005-04-14 linux
Welcome to Germany Info : Your German Information Source
2005-04-14 germany
Indo-European Languages: German Index
2005-04-13 language deutsch
Copyright Law & Graduate Research
2005-04-12 copyright research writing
Duke University Department of Economics: PhD Program Details
2005-04-12 phd duke academia economics
Scholarly Communication Center - Copyright
2005-04-12 copyright writing
Author's Addendum
2005-04-12 copyright writing academia
PDF Checklist for Fair Use
2005-04-12 copyright
Flashcards in LaTeX - Computing/Linux
2005-04-11 latex language
Learning Languages
2005-04-11 language learning
It's Academic
2005-04-10 companies supplies
Linux Tip: Hotmail Without the Browser
2005-04-10 linux email software
Ashe County, NC Genealogy Forum
2005-04-10 geneology
Firefox Help: Keyboard Shortcuts
2005-04-10 firefox software
Welcome to Project Gutenberg - Project Gutenberg
2005-04-08 books reading
Evolution: Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Reference
2005-04-08 linux gnome software
Super Memory
2005-04-08 memory software learning
How to Make a Complete Map of Every Thought you Think
2005-04-08 books learning notetaking memory
The Theory Underlying Concept Maps and How to Construct Them
2005-04-08 studying learning notetaking
Free Cornell Note Forms for American Digest Readers @ AMERICAN DIGEST
The Cornell system supplies an armature that both organizes notes and encourages review and summarization.
2005-04-08 notetaking writing studying learning
Preview Question Read Reflect Recite Review
2005-04-08 reading studying Project Info - GnomeRSVP
2005-04-08 linux reading software
Gnome Rapid Serial Visual Projector
2005-04-08 linux reading software
Seul/Edu Application Index
Open Source Educational Applications Index
2005-04-08 linux learning oss memory reading software
Hopify Homepage
Hopify is a perlscript and some info files that can teach you how to read faster.
2005-04-08 learning reading software
MajorTeach Homepage
MajorTeach is a perlscript and some info files that can teach you how to remember things more easily.
2005-04-08 memory learning software Project details for WordFlashReader
2005-04-08 linux software reading
Rapid Serial Visual Projection in Java
2005-04-08 java linux software reading
2005-04-08 gtd writing notetaking studying
Daring Fireball: Markdown
Plain text to HTML converter, relying on standardised but natural formatting syntax in the plain text.
2005-04-06 html text markdown | Mathematics | Proof and beauty
Just what does it mean to prove something?
2005-04-06 mathematics economist articles
Google Groups: 43 Folders: GTD For Academics
A discussion thread about implementing GTD in academia.
2005-04-05 gtd academia
D*I*Y Planner
Templates for paper-based organization and time management.
2005-04-05 gtd Just another GTD Hacker
John S.J. Anderson on implementing GTD.
2005-04-05 gtd emacs
Thiamin Trek
A weblog/musiclog/photolog/booklog by Keith Martin since 1995.
2005-04-05 gtd reading weblog
Writing, Briefly
An essay by Paul Graham.
2005-04-04 writing
Wiki devoted to productivity, time management, life hacks, and other smart heuristics.
2005-04-03 gtd
Google Groups: 43 Folders
Lifehacks, productivity tricks, and OS X tips.
2005-04-03 gtd
Congress for the New Urbanism
Promotes walkable, mixed-use neighborhood development, sustainable communities, and healthier living conditions.
2005-04-03 urban