itex Blosxom plugin

The itex plugin for Blosxom converts inline LaTeX-based expressions to MathML using Jacques Distler’s itex2MML filter. The plugin is based on his Movable Type plugin, included in the itex2MML distribution, and is designed to work well with the Markdown and MultiMarkdown plugins. See the itex command summary for a list of valid commands.


$$ ex = \sum_{n=0}^\infty \frac{xn}{n!} $$
renders as e x= n=0 x nn!.


The latest version is itex 2008–01–12.


The itex plugin requires the itex2MML binary. To compile it, first obtain the itex2MML source code, extract it, change to the itex-src directory, and run make. Then place the itex2MML binary where you would like it to stay (e.g., /usr/local/bin or ~/bin).

Next, place the itex plugin in your Blosxom plugins directory and make sure the $itex2mml variable points to the itex2MML binary.


If you only want itex2MML to process certain entries, then install the meta plugin, set $use_meta to 1 and include meta-math: itex in the entry header. Otherwise, set $use_meta to 0 to process all entries. To enable numbering of \[..\]-style equations, set $num_equations to 1.

Usage Notes