Blosxom numeric_entities plugin

The numeric_entities plugin for Blosxom converts XHTML and MathML named entities to either numeric character references or, optionally, utf–8 characters. This is desirable when serving XML content for several reasons. First, while several browsers recognize named XHTML and MathML entities, most XML parsers (e.g., feed validators) do not. Second, some browsers do not properly deal with named entities in XML content (e.g., Opera has problems with  ).



To install the plugin, simply place it in your Blosxom plugins directory and rename it to numeric_entities. The plugin depends on Jacques Distler’s MathML::Entities Perl module which is available from CPAN.

There is one optional configuration variable, $utf8. Setting this variable to a nonzero value results in named entities being converted to their utf–8 counterparts rather than their numeric character references.