Emacs Color Themes


Screenshot Based on the original TextMate Twilight color theme. twilight-theme is an Emacs 24 custom theme based on the original color-theme-twilight by Marcus Crafter. See the twilight-emacs project on GitHub for a complete list of changes.


Screenshot less-theme is a minimalistic, mostly monochromatic color theme for Emacs. With a few exceptions (such as isearch) it uses only grayscale colors. Keywords and other important features are distinguished via bold or slight variations in shades of gray.

This theme was inspired by color-theme-late-night, from the Emacs color-theme package and the Less is More theme for vim. It’s mostly grayscale, brighter than late-night for use in daylight, but less colorful than Less is More.

Change Log


Screenshot subdued-theme is based on the Tango color palette. It is quite colorful although the colors are subdued. This theme was inspired by color-theme-tango and color-theme-tango-2.

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Gruber Darker

Screenshot gruber-darker-theme is a darker variant of the Gruber Dark color scheme for BBEdit. Please see Alexey Kutepov’s fork on GitHub for a more up-to-date version with support for additional packages (his is the version installed by MELPA, etc.).

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To use add the file to your load-path or custom-theme-directory and issue M-x customize-themes. Alternatively, you may add one of the following to directly your init file:

(load-theme 'twilight t)
(load-theme 'less t)
(load-theme 'subdued t)
(load-theme 'gruber-darker t)


The screenshots above feature markdown-mode and the Source Code Pro font. The colorized HTML previews were created using the htmlfontify package, which is included with Emacs.